Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my daily "to do" list

I am house keeping challanged. I have struggled all my adult life in keeping a home neat. I get distracted easily, Get bored, Get upset that no one else seems to care that I did all that work... ect.. We have been in this house for just over three weeks now. and I can't believe that I am still keeping it clean. Of course we don't have a lot of stuff in the way, right now, either. but for me to keep it this clean for this long is a record. I like reading emails. I get between 200 and 300 in one account alone, not counting my yahoo id's (7) So I said I can make this work for me... for every 5 I read, I have to get up and do "something". Most times I'll do two or three items on my list so I can read 5x that number..i.e, do three things, read 15 emails. Now don't go thinking I'm crazy. many of my emails are either from the three chatty groups I'm in, or from recipe groups I'm in. but over-all. I am pleased that I have found a way to get my work done, and still enjoy being on the Net... course Rocky still takes me away from the computer as well. He has to have his attention and walks every day.

here is my "Daily To Do" list. Under the *** Stuff *** list are things that are done once. or only a few times to finish up.. it gets longer and shorter as the week goes by.

***** Dinner *****
What's for supper (place it here each day)
***** Take Care of Me *****
Am Blood sugar check
Brush Hair
Pm Blood Sugar Check
**** To Do ****
Check the montly calendar in housekeeping file.
Read a chapter in the Bible
Say prayers
**** Water Closet ****
Clean Mirror
Wipe Sink
Swish Toilet
Clean Floor, mop as needed
*** Bed room ****
Make Bed
dust all wood tops and doors
Vacume Floor
**** Bathroom ****
Clean Mirror
Wipe Sink
Wipe Tub
Swish Toilet
Straighten shelfs
Sweep floor, mop as needed
**** Hallway ****
Sweep floor
Mop as needed
**** Kitchen ****
Wipe around sinks
Wipe Fridge
Wipe Stove
Wipe Countertops
Sweep Floor, mop as needed
Make Lunch for me
Make Tea For Jerry
Thaw out Hashbrown For Jerry's breakfast tomarrow
**** Living Room ****
sweep and mop entranceway.
Coffee table top, clear and dust
Left End table clear and dust
Right End Table, Clear and Dush
dust tv top and screen
Wipe off leather of Chair
Wipe off Leather of couch
Vacume Floor
**** Back Porch ****
Sweep Floor
Knock down cobwebs
Clean around light
**** Front Porch ****
Sweep floor
Knock Down Cobwebs 2x weekly
Clean around Light

*** Middle bedroom ***
Sort daily laundry
Vacume floor
*** Back Bedroom ***
Vacume floor
**** STuff ****

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Miss 376 said...

Think we all think up of coping mechanisms for housework. I have things that need to be done everyday, then a rota for the other cleaning. I get up and do that first thing in the morning and then, all being well, the rest of the day is mine. In between doing the necessary bits, I'm in checking emails. When everything else is done, I can enjoy my knitting or stitching with a clear conscience