Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm not a daily poster

Well, I'm not. My house is small but I have lots of emails to read each day. I could go digest on a couple of groups, but then I'd not get to see the pictures. And I try to not let the computer rule my life. My dog is sleeping in his chair since I've brought him in. He wasn't Cold, but he was cool and since he has a short coat, I don't want him out too long when the temps are below the 60's. I want to make some ginger cake today.. I'll wait till about 430 to make so the smell will still be in the house when DH gets home from work. He has to work tomarrow as well. Ugh. We will do the laundry tonight so he can watch one of his favorite shows after work tomarrow night.

anyway.. tonights dinner will be Chili Mac, Salad and the gingerbread cake.

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