Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Almost Halloween

First off. Heather and Ricky have resolved their differences, for now at least. He has moved back in and they are getting along better. His father is still in the hospital. I don't know if he's improving or not.

Jerry is working long hours at work and that makes it hard for me to make dinner and have it ready for when he walks in the door.

Our move from the motel to the house went smoothly. Although it meant that Jerry had to take a day off work, it worked out best for us. He did go in Sunday and worked all day, and that kinda threw everyone else off but now everyone will have Saturday off and for most of "us" that's a better day to have off than Sunday as more places are open, at least in the mornings, like banks.

I can not tell you how proud I am of myself. I have been able to keep this place nice and clean for almost two weeks now. For me that is a first. Well, one room, where we put all the boxes as we moved in, is slightly disorganized. but it's not impossible to find something in there.

I've been able to get the dishes done everyday, wipe the counters and sinks. sweep the floors and vacume the rugs. and make the bed. Here I am, 51 years old and can't say that I've ever been able to keep a place this nice for this long before. Pityful isn't it?

My brother wrote in his blog about some of the sled dogs getting a bit wild and wooly when they don't get out and run.. I can fully understand that. Rocky can become a royal pain in the rear when I don't take him for at least a 4 block walk around here every day. He's a good dog, just doesn't know what to do with all that pent up energy at times.

I'm within walking distance of both the Ingles Grocry store and a Dollar General. I plan on taking walks to both this week. I have a nice, large backpack that I take with me when I do go out, to carry things back home in. I find it's better for my back to carry that than to have bags hanging off my hands. The effect is wonderful compaired to carrying things in bags back home.

We are still too close to the interstate and can hear the traffic from it, unless it's raining. But that's a small price to pay for finding a good place around here. Some of the fellows are still trying to find a place to live. Motel living can only go so far. Those rooms are not made to be lived in full time, weeks on end.

I hope to get back to my crafts soon.

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Miss 376 said...

So pleased you were able to move into a house. At least now you can enjoy some sense of normality