Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feb 2 2107

Hello. I know, I know... I am not keeping up with my blog at all.
(SIGH) I am trying to though.
January went well.
We got rain. We got a lot of rain. We got so much rain that the creek behind the campground got very high. But the good news is it didn't get out of it's banks.
I'm not sure why there is this "cut out" to the creek. but this is how high the water got. Only another foot or more and it would have been out of the banks.
(not sure if this picture is going to turn sideways when I post this, or not)
I have a lot of earrings. They are about the only jewelry I wear. I set up some fun foam "Pages" to keep the ones I have worn on.
Notice the Red, White and Blue ones? I wore them on the 20th, for when Mr Trump became President Trump.
I set out to make 5 cards, I made this one..
out of all these stamps, I had to settle on just which ones I wanted to use.. and I had already sorted through all my stamps to get down to these for makiing 5 cards. I still have 4 to go, plus 5 more for this month.
I posted a few selfies of myself on Facebook. as well as the earrings of the day.
The dogs have been sleeping a lot. They usually do in wintertime.
We had a few nice days that I was able to have the door open and on those days, they took turns looking out the door or sleeping in the one spot of sun shine that came in through the door.
We replaced the pillows we sleep on and the dogs are not allowed on them. I've been keeping the dogs off the bed and the couch as much as possible. I need to wash the blankets and hope to do that soon.
Hubby had to make a stop at Lowe's on his way home one night and asked if there was something I wanted. I told him, Succulents. He brought me plants. I transplanted them out of the store pots into a terra cotta pot and have them on the dining room table so I can see them all the time and remember to water them often. He also got me some Bamboo that I asked for. I need to get a taller, wider pot to transplant them into. I want to look up and find out if I can propagate more bamboo from a leaf.
I am ashamed to say that I had this for over a year before I mended it for my grand daughter. I still need to put it in the mail back to her.  I think I'll use a small Express Mail box and get it out this weekend if Hubby doesn't have to work on Saturday. I need more stamps, as well and will pick those up when I send out the box.


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