Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017

 I am trying to keep my blog up to date.
I've been working on keeping the camper straightened up even when I don't feel like it. I need to sort through more stuff and send some to storage until I am more ready to work on it
I did go through two tubs this week. One is Christmas things. Some of those things were from way back in 2008. Some things that I made were still in very good shape
There are Aquarium, flat sided marbles held together with glitter glue. I think I need to find some Red ones next time I'm at the Dollar Tree Store.. and other colors as well for a nice mix of all colors.
I think my camera lens is a bit dirty.. or I'm just not good at taking pictures.. anyway. This is one of those Cinnamon and Glue ornaments I made in 2008.  The rest had either clumped together or crumbled.   I still like making these.  I had found some I made a few years after I made this one and kept one in the truck until Jerry found it and tossed it. It still smelled good.
I had also sorted through a box of "Holiday" stuff and only found one Valentines Day item. I know I have more decorations but I can't recall where they are now. 
Here are all the Earrings I wore in January. Yes, I ended up skipping a few days, and on those that have only one earring in a square, look next to it and you will find it's mate. I wore them two days in a row.
This is Today's Selfie. I post "Selfies" to my Facebook.   I'm not vain or self centered. I just thought that my kids would like to have a few pictures of me.

Billie C.

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