Thursday, October 27, 2016

Good Morning

Good Morning
 I have taken the dogs out for first morning potty
I have turned on the hot water tank so I can shower and do the dishes before he gets home around 11 for lunch. Jerry will get about and hour for lunch. and may or may not work 8 hours today. To say this is a very laid back job is an understatement.  To him, it's a JOB, to the others, it's their time toward their church. For me. It's Jerry getting a few hours out of the camper so I can catch up with the cleaning.
Yesterday, I cleaned off the table and put away things that had been out for too long. I don't know if I'm going to clear the bench on the otherside of the table or not uet... dpends on how I feel when I get that far.. Most of it is stuff that Jerry put there. He sits on the couch and just has to reach over the back of the bench to put things there. They end up out of sight, out of mind. To him, they are put up, to me, the are not seen so I assume Jerry is going to want what ever it is, soon.  (I'm talking myself into cleaning it up, can you tell?)
I put the fold up table by the dining room table over a week ago. I only meant for it to be there for one day... (15 days later) I cleared it off three times yesterday, then it was piled up on just as quickly.. but I think I can not clean it off and take it down until I'm ready to craft something. 
Wow.. Halloween is so close now. I now have so much more stuff that I'm thinking of putting all the fall/Halloween items into just one tub, to make it so much easier to decorate nest year. But where to store it for a year... I can put it into storage but if we move, that tub will not be put in the camper.  Which means I "could" buy more Fall/Halloween/Thanksgtving stuff next year.
Remember when I said we found a Chest of Drawers? Jerry put it in storage Saturday, while I was home cooking.... I went to storage with him yesterday.. and it's in the middle of the only walkway we have in storage. (sigh) I took an almost empty tub to storage and had planned on filling it with material since that is what I had in it. I just placed the tub inside, placed my jewelry making box in storage (Temporary for now) and then got back in the truck while Jerry was searching for things to use on this job. I had a nice short nap while he was searching.
After I clean up the "Living" areas of the camper, I need to sort through some stuff in the bunk room (Dogs room) and send more stuff to storage. Yeah, we both have a tendincy to just pile things in there.

Billie C.

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