Thursday, October 27, 2016

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For Today ... October 27
Jerry is working today at the Church and I have gotten a lot more cleaning down.  I Still have the dining table benches and table to clear off, but that won't take me too long. I have swept the floors, dusted the walls and picked up and put away all day so far. I have washed dishes, made Chicken Noodle soup, then, after Jerry left made another batch of soup, to put in the freezer in two containers. I made pudding for our dessert tonight. I colored the bottom layer in orange, Middle is green and the top layer is purple.  I thought we could use a little fun with our dessert tonight.
I have had the air on all day. It's been a bit warm all day long.  Very unusual for the end of October. With every Breezy burst I hear more dry leaves hitting the top of the camper. The leaves are falling so fast the it still looks green instead of full of Oranges, Yellows and Reds of fall on the Trees.  I expect that, one morning soon, I'll walk outside and I'll just see bare limbs instead of any colors at all.  I have been wearing short sleeved tops all week long. Today I have on one with a horse on it.  (no surprise there)
I'll have to take the dogs out again soon. They are laying under my feet right now, after having spent almost all day either in the bunk room or on our bed.  Barney wants to play "Ball". He likes to bring it to me, then play keep-a-way with me.  He will do the same thing to Jerry.
I have been catching up with all the Y&R shows I have DVR-ed.  Many times over the last few weeks, we have left in the middle of each show and I can now catch up with it.  I still have about 8 shows to go before I am all caught up. 
I have been wearing my "Halloween" earrings this week. First was the Witchy Owls, then Yesterday, I wore Ghost with Bells and today is Black Cats.  I have at least two other Owl sets of earrings to find and wear.

Billie C.

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