Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Billie's notes for the day...

Outside my door ... It's been very nice outside. I sat outside for a little while, after mopping the floors in here.  The rest of this week is suppose to just as nice. I saw an old grill when we went to the trash bins, but when we went back were told we couldn't have it because other stuff had been placed on it.  I would have loved that grill because we could have removed the legs off of it and turned it into a small fireplace that we could cover with the top to it.  Maybe we will see another one and Jerry can snag it if it's not covered with something else.  I know there is not dumpster diving allowed, but people are still allowed to pick a few things out.. If the woman is ther though, she gets a bit brusk if you ask if you can take something. So much so that I have been tempted to ask Jerry to go to one that is just outside of town.
The Dogs ... Loved it that I had them get on the bed when I mopped the floors.  I needed them out of my way.  Jerry took them for a quick walk before I mopped.  It's been so nice that the doors have been open all day long. I hate to have to turn on the heat and I'm thinking of not turning it on tonight but waiting until in the morning and turn it on if we need it, when I wake up. Barney has loved this weather and will run amok as far as the lead will allow a few times before he comes to the door to get back inside. Macon has been rolling in the grass and sand and has to shake off before he is allowed back in. Rock either turns around and around on his bottom or just finds a sunny plac and lays down in it.
From the kitchen... Well, it's a toss up between Hot dogs and fries and salad, Smoked Sausage and potatoes and green beand and salad or we wait for Faithe to call and set up a time to meet them at Pizza King, the local pizza place here in town. She is suppose to call me back and let me know about when to meet them there..
I am hearing... The fan in the kitchen area, and the fan under the tv that blows onto the couch and the dogs shifting from one side to another or Jerry snoring as he sleeps sitting up on the couch. No wonder he doesn't sleep at night but wants to read... he's sleeping too much during the day. still waiting for a phone call on a job...
I am wearing... Dark brown sweat pants and a yellowish Tshirt with a print of Native American's dancing around a fire.
I am hoping... That Jerry gets a phone call very soon on a job, anywhere close enough we can move there.
I am creating... I've been decorating for Halloween yesterday and today.  It was outside yesterday and inside today. I put some leaf garland around the top of the edge of the slid-out.
 I put a rat and orange lantern on the cornace over the small window in the living room area, and fixed the back of a silloette of a witch on a broom. The witch is black the bottom of the broom is orange as well as a band on her hat. I used hot glue to attach a wooden tooth pick on the back side where the end of her dress had folded over.
  I put a skull under the TV on top of the Dish Reciver as well as three plastic gourds and I put a large green glass Marble in a short candle stick to the side of the reciever.

I put up some pot holders and next is putting out the Fall and Halloween kitchen towels.

One of my favorite things... Is watching the animals around here. Today there was a squirrel chasing another squirrel and then a crow came down and chased both of them into the trees.
A few plans for today... Well, the day is almost over.  Only plans are still in the works for dinner plans. I may call Faithe in a little bit to see if they are going to come here and meet up for dinner of if they have changed their minds about it. Either way, we got it covered.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to deep clean the bunk rooms and send a few things to storage for a while. Praying every day that Jerry gets a phone call on a job to go to.  Find the rest of our Halloween stuff and either put it out or put it away.

Billie C.

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