Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Colors,, Colors ... every where..

I have too many boxes in storage and I need to go through them all. Big boxes, small boxes and tubs. We went to storage but I fell alseep in the truck while Hubby was sorting through his stuff.
Two packs of Fun Foam, missing a couple of sheets I had used on a craft so long ago I can't even remember what it was..
And all my color Sharpie markers. I will have to see if any of them have dried out or not.
You will be surprised how quickly this multiply when your buying one or two at a time.  And there are still some colors I want to pick up.
I needed One black Sharpie with a thick line and one with a thin one.  I now have more than enough to mark just about anything I need marked. And the bag under it is Tulip fabric markers and Sharpies for Fabric.
I have gone through some patterns and put them in order of sizes... but Not the one I was looking for.  That's okay. I have 8 months to find and make the outfit I want to wear to our son's wedding. They are having a Hillbilly wedding.  I am looking forward to seeing them get hitched.
I have about 4 boxes to take back to storage, because it's close. I have to go through the whole bunk room and sort it out.  Just not sure if I want to take most all of the craft things to storage or just a few things that are not going to be used in the near future.

Billie C.

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