Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the Road again

We leave in the morning, headed to Tennesse for a quick stop to pick up an air conditioner we have in storage and drop off a few boxes of stuff we don't need to take with us. A lot of my "craft" stuff is going into storage, I'm taking my Cricut and sewing stuff. That's a lot to begin with and will keep my plenty busy. Most of the tubs that are outside are going into storage, as well.. Books, clothes, holiday stuff and things like that.  Leaving the lawnmower here at the campground. May have to leave our outdoor shelf we bought to store things outside in.  Maybe the Dremil and all the stuff in it's box. One of the smaller tool boxes. Wait, two of them will be put into storage.  A lot of small things are going into storage.
We have to be in Iowa before the 11th.  We "could" do it by the 9th but the 11th works out better for us. We won't have to rush and hurry or make mistakes along the way.

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