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June 11, 2014

June 11, 2014
It was a long weekend for us. Jerry got the call he was waiting for, last Thursday. We took care of a few last minute things. repacked the back of the truck, sorted through the stuff under the camper. Friday morning, early, I'm packing up inside the camper, sorting what can go into storage to the front of the camper to make it easier to take out once we get to Heathers. We left the ramps, lawn mower, weed eater and trash behind.
We left Danville around noon.
We got to Athens and had a late dessert with Donna around 8 pm and spent about 45 minutes quickly catching up with each other. We got to Heather's around 10 her time. (11 for us) and had hot dogs and S'mores over a bonfire with her and the kids and neighbor kids.  Heather is still not in a good place and there isn't anything I can do to help her through it.  She said she can no longer trust Ricky, yet they are still living in the same house.  She has her name on the list for a 3 bedroom low income housing but who knows how long that is going to take. Once she moves out, is Ricky still going to try to be sleeping on her couch?  I told her that would most likely get them thrown out.  But is she strong enough to tell him to stay away, I don't know. He is the father of the kids and he's okay with them. I could wish for better but he's not hitting them. Words are bad enough though. He was decent while we were there. Jerry slept in the truck to keep the dogs quiet and I slept on the couch. Ricky put Corbin's mattress on the floor, but I have too hard of a time trying to get up off the floor to want to try that. The couch was bad enough to try to get off of. A quick run to Wal-mart with Bailey while everyone else slept, to pick up a couple of needed items, cover for the waste tank, clean shirts for the two of us, underwear, socks.  and the largest under wear they had, are too small for me. I now have 6 pairs of underwear I can not wear.  (new weight loss goal, get down into a size 10 under wear).  Picked up donuts for breakfast for every one. Fresh ones.  Bailey told us about them picking up stale donuts from a bread bank. Corbin almost didn't try one, until Bailey told him we got them at Walmart. We also picked up biscuits for everyone for breakfast. Well, every one but Ricky, Bailey said that he doesn't eat breakfast most of the time and never know what he will want to eat, if he does eat breakfast.  Once everyone was up, Heather, Bailey and I headed to the camper (Parked at our favorite motel to stay at) and removed lots of stuff to go to storage. Filled her van full, and still have a couple of things to go. Took it to storage and filled it up.  Not much room left at all in there, now.  Back to the camper, Picked up a few things going to Heather's and left Jerry and Bailey to work on the wires. (Bailey loved that) Jerry said it would only take about 15 minutes. 45 minutes later they are back to Heathers.  I had enough time to take a shower, dry off and have my hair almost dry before they go there. Jerry took a shower as well, before we left. We left there around 2 pm.  slept in a rest area for about 6 hours. We were in the last rest stop in Kentucky before crossing into Illonise.  From there it was up to St. Louis, then north through Hannabul then the Iowa state line before getting on 30 west.  We got to Nevada around 4 pm.  Jerry called the campgrounds listed on the work papers and neither one has any open spots left. We over nighted in a state park. No power, No water and No sewer.  We spend most of the morning trying to find a place to park the camper. The first place we went to, Ugh.  there was one spot open but no way could we get the camper and truck to make that swing to put it in there. Well, there's a place out here by me, (Said Brenda) you can come check it out.  Weedy, unkept and right next to a torn up mobil home. It's on the lot we will be renting for $240 a month. That includes water, sewer and trash pick up. Okay.  We have to pay for our power. $145 deposit.  We go pay the deposit, sleep one more night in the state campground. Tuesday afternoon we finally move the camper to the site. Still no running water but the grass and weeds have been mowed down. don't know if we will have to do the mowing for the rest of the year or not.  The water line is an old farm hose, but it's clean and that is all that matters. The mobil home is to be moved today (Wed, June 11) but I haven't seeb any one over here to deal with it yet and it's after 4 now. We did get to Walmart last night to put money on the card so Jerry could make the truck payment (late, firs time late) and picked up enough food for a couple of days here. I had to clear the path to the bathroom but couldn't do it fast enough and had to ask Jerry to take me to the bathhouse at a different state park that is just across the road from this mobil home park. about 1/3 mile down the road. I know where we are going to be goind swimming.. nice sandy beaches there.
Back to the camper I get the rest of the path cleared. I'm to not use much water unitl the trailer next door is moved, then we will be using it's sewer drop in. For now, it's just a waiting game to see what happens first, them moving it or our waste water tank getting over filled. I know it won't take long to hook up and pull it out, but how long to drop a sewer line is going to be the question.
All that leads up to Today.
I asked Jerry to buy breakfast, once we woke up. Too much to still move just to be able to cook for him. He wasn't happy but he wasn't mad about it, either.  I have unpacked all the tubs and boxes now. that's taken most all day. A lot of stuff is still out of place but it's workable now.  I need to get up from here and clear off Jerry's bed. I cleared mine off earlier, looking for the power cord for my phone which was in the table top oven in the living room and I just happend to look in there, while taking the dogs outside for some fresh air and potty break.  We have been outside 5 times today and still have at least one more to go. The cats are happy to be out of the kennel. One got out while I had to door open to bring in a kennel while changing out and cleaning the one they traveled in.  I fed the other two cans of food and this one came running in to get her's (I'm fairly sure it was Tupelo) Ha ha.. cats who run outside, don't get fed canned food. They are each still checking to see if they can sneak out the door or out the back window but I know they are sure happy to not be in that kennel in the back of the truck any more. I've seen 5 or 6 dogs here, only one not on lead. its a puppy. I heard there are some feral cats but havn't seen any yet. I did mention that the cats are excape artists but we don't let them run unless we get permission first. No permission, yet.   I did explain that they have had their shots and are fixed. We still need to get Barney fixed.  Jerry will have to figure a way to block the window when he puts in the air conditioner this weekend. It got a bit warm this afternoon for a bit but it's cooling off now. I'll have to get up from here, check the time. clear off Jerry's bed and make our dinner of grilled chicken over salad.

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Patricia Johns said...

You've been so busy! Here's hoping it can settle down for you again and you can get some rest.