Monday, June 16, 2014

June 12, 2014 Howdy

June 12, 2014 Howdy
Hello, and it's another Day in the life of Billie.  We get to sleep in each morning until 4:30 now.  Jerry needs to leave here around 5:30 to go to work and it's less than 20 minutes to get to the job site.  I went back to bed this morning after he left and was up again at 7:30. I got dressed and took care of taking my meds, then took the dogs out for a quick potty break. I've been poking at a few things in here and I about have the dishes finished up. 
Did I mention that there are 5 apple trees outside my doorway?  they provide a nice amount of shade for me to sit in and we can sit under them while we are eating dinner. We did that last night. I grilled up some chicken on the Forman Grill and put that over salad.  Jerry got the sewer line ran to under the trailer next door and so we are now able to run as much water a s we need to. (whew)  Still have to calll the Dish TV so we can get our shows back. Good thing that, right now, it's summer and all reruns.  We have had a lot of wind so far today and clouds. We are suppose to be in the 80's be the end of the week.
We have to go to town, again today, (Nevada) to pick up another service hose for the hot water tank. The other one is leaking now. We may as well see if we can find some foam core board to set in the window around the air conditioner to keep the cold and cats inside.
I don't know if we are going to eat out or not. I'll have everything ready to eat at home, just in case. I just need to cook and season the meat for taco's and shredd up some cheese to go on top. I picked up some ice cream last night but since we didn't eat it, we can have that for our dessert tonight. I may bake a cake later if I get up some energy to move off this couch.
Just brought the dogs back inside from a quick potty break and fresh air. Rocky laid in the sun. Barney got tangeled around two trees and Macon found a place to roll out of Barney's reach.  Then a dog came in sight. I had to put Barney and Macon in the camper, Rocky didn't bark. I let him stay out a little while longer before coming into the camper.  I have put the stove top in the sink to soak in some Fast Orange and then sprayed the cover underside to clean it up, as well. a few minutes soak does a worlds of good in making it easier in cleaning up.


jana said...

I am asking you where in NV are you? I also live in NV. I know your not close because of the different temps. We are in the 90's now but will be in the100's next week.You really came a long way from where you were.

Mountainrose said...

I'm not in NV, Im in Iowa... but I hope to visit Nevada one of these days. The town close to us, where we do our shopping is Nevada. It is not pronounced how the state's name is. The first "A" is as in Able not Apple. I have notice a number of streets are also named after states, around here.

jana said...

Ok, I didn't know of that place in iowa. One of my daughter's live's in iowa. Near souix city. Are you far from there? Sound's like your between a rock and a hard place with the medical problems.