Thursday, April 3, 2014

Good Afternoon,

Good Afternoon, I hope you are feeling well and enjoying some good weather. The last three days have been wonderful We had a rain shower mid morning today but it was short and oh so sweet as it washed the pollen out of the air.  By the time I took the dogs out for their afternoon potty it was dry again. The sandy lot has a way of doing that.  I enjoyed a nice walk with Rocky this afternoon. We went to the playground, then down to the roadway, along the lake, up the hill through the middle section to a picnic table for a short rest then back to the camper.  Rocky was fairly good and he also waited until we were back to Poop in the woods. I didn't remember to take a bag with me so that was very good. The cats are not all that happy because they can not be outside, but I only have to rattle some cat food in a dish to get two of them to come to a kennel and the third gets the "Princess"  treatment. That is she is carried and gently put into the kennel with the other two. I put the canopy cover on the frame yesterday, by myself. It took some doing because its a tight fit but I got it done. It smells a bit musty and since we are suppose to get rain tomorrow I plan on spraying it with some cleaner before the rain starts to help clean it up.  I have been trying to catch up with "The Young and the Restless", and "Game of Thrones" the last couple of days.  I need to make some room on the DVR for more recordings.  I'm going to have to ask Jerry to look through his stuff and either watch or delete. 
For Dinner tonight I think I'll make hamburger patties and fried potatoes. Of course I will have a salad but I'm not sure what, if anything, to fix for a dessert.
I am wearing...  For the first time this year, I'm wearing shorts.  I should have worn them yesterday. It was that hot (I'm not complaining about that) when I cleaned out the cat box Monday, I have to clean the whole closet and since I was down to the floor, I opened the tub in there and there was all my summer clothes. I put them out and now that tub is full of my winter tops. So my shorts and white tops are at the top of my drawers and ready to wear.  Too bad the weather is suppose to be back in the upper 50's this weekend.  but I'm ready for that, as well.
I am reading... I am still reading the Bible one chapter at a time (sometimes I may read in the morning then later in the afternoon, and I am now in 1 kings.  Interesting reading and there are kings in there that I never heard of from any pulpit. Each one was worse than the one before.
I am thinking... About when we move the camper again, and what am I going to do with all this stuff and the stuff that is outside, as well.  I'm hoping that it won't be really hot so we can have the cats in the camper and not in the truck, they just don't like moving and are very vocal about it. 
I am thankful for... Still having the ability to walk around the park and driveway.  This week some gravel was dumped along the roadway and into our parking area.  That was noisy and dusty but well worth it. We could use more that at least Jerry doesn't have to worry about slipping in the mud. I know that the girls are going through a lot each but they are each handling it better than I would have, I think. 
I am hoping... that Jerry comes home with some great news. We may be moving sooner rather than later but to where is the question. This company has jobs open in PA, TX and TN. We are hoping for TN but I think Jerry may take TX if we can't go to TN. He's not sure the camper will be able to hold up on that long of a trip is the only draw back on that.
I am creating... A plan on keeping the camper cleaner this summer.  I am also planning on taking better care of "me". I really need to get out and walk more often. Mornings would be better for me than afternoons. finding the perfect place in my "dailies" list for that.
One of my favorite things...  Once I get out, walking.  All the prep just to get out the door, not so much.  I have to be sure the cats are in a kennel, the two dogs left behind are not going to get into any trouble. The camper is not too hot for a bit of time. let the dog I'm walking take a leak, and have time to poop, have a plastic bag in case he waits to do it while we are walking,  and then, finally we can start our walk.. today I had to turn back three times to shush up the other two. Barney ended up with a spanking and he still didn't shut up. I finally had to put Macon in with him because then Macon didn't want to shut up when he saw me walking away from the camper so into the kennel so he couldn't see me, turn up the TV and turn on the fan even though it wasn't hot in the camper. I didn't hear a peep out of them after that.
A few plans for today... Well my day is almost over with. (it's just after 4 so all that is really left is making dinner)  but I might get up from writing this and make a card or two just cause I can.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Tomorrow (Friday) since we eat out on Payday, I may try to make a couple of Easter Cards for my Grand kids or some friends.  Of course I'll be reading emails and doing my dailies, take care of the pets and try to get in a walk.

Billie C.

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