Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Howdy.  Yesterday Jerry was rained out. After the rain eased up a bit, he took me to town and I was able to do a bit of shopping with him not looking over my shoulder.  I picked up a couple of things I forgot while food shopping. A can of Baked Beans I got hungry for  and some coconut as well as a small package of Chocolate chips to make desserts for the week.  I found a box to send Beth Heather's Easter dress in and had to get a Sharpie pen and tape to close the box with. I was able to get both boxes in the mail and she should have them by Monday.
I had meant to start a roast for our dinner tonight but by the time I remembered it was too late to put into the crock pot. I'll fix it tomorrow.  I have all my dailies done except for making dinner and I'll start  that in about an hour. Salad, Mashed potato and a ham steak.  I'm trying to cacth up with a few shows today. I need to watch and delete all the old Game of Thrones and make room for the new ones of the season.  I also need to catch up on my Y&R soon.   ,
This morning started off very cloudy but now this early evening (5 pm) it's mostly sunny and in the mid 60's. I have two of the vents open and the door is open as well. Suppose to be in the mid 60's tomorrow as well.   The trees are starting to green up around here. Just now starting. I have seen the dog woods and the cottonwoods blooming when we go to town but there are not any close to where we have the camper and I have yet to walk around the lake but I really need to try to do that soon.   I have seen a few Daffidills this year and there are a couple of Tuplip Populars I saw on the way to town that are in bloom. I have seen just one red but tree this year. I think I miss seeing those on dark rainy days most.  The buds just look so much brighter on a rainy day.
The dogs have been sleeping most of today. Barney got in trouble for trying to go after Tupelo. She was at the door and scratched at it and he went after her and Rocky put him down on the floor.  Barney has been trying that more and more here lately and I'm afraid we may have to find him a new home at this rate.  I would much rather find the cats a new home, to be honest. They don't like moving and they really could live at a place they can be outside more.
I went through the tub I had my summer clothes in last week and found my shorts. I'll be wearing some of them this week. Right now i"m in grey sweat pants and my yellowish "cave horses" t shirt we picked up three years ago in Erin TN.
I have re-started reading " Hunger Games" and want to find my copy of "Game of Thrones" since I'm watching the series again. We need to pick up Season three of Game. I already have one and two.  I finished the last chapter in 1 kings in the Bible this morning. Some of those kings I never heard of and I have to wonder why they are not preached about in churches. 
I am looking foward to our next move. I am in hopes that it' to Tennessee but right now it could be any where. It's getting crowded here in this back section. Last fall we wanted to move the camper up front, closer to the road but the space we wanted was suppose to be worked on and we didn't want in the middle in bad weather.  I'm disappointed that the work that was suppose to be done was not done and we could have been more comfortable up front. 
I went through my patterns and material on Sunday and plan on doing some sewing soon.  I need to look through toddler patterns again for a dress I want to make Heather. I do have a few things to cut and sew for Bailey. I found a few tops I want to iron on some designs to and the iron on studs and color dots.  I may work on that tomorrow.

Billie C.

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