Wednesday, March 19, 2014

it's been a while since I sent in an update.

Hello. I hope you are doing well.
I know, it's been a while since I sent in an update. I'm sorry
Just in case I didnt tell you before, My eye surgery went well and is healing as it should. I go back in May for another check up.  I can see a bit of improvement each day out of that eye and hope that the work on the right eye does just as well.
My Hubby and I figured it up and since the first of this year, he's gotten in two full weeks of work. All the other weeks he has missed at least one day if not more. And he missed a day this week (Yesterday) due to ice and sleet. We did get some good news in that he was asked if he would like to go to Tennessee with this company and of course he said Yes!.. Not sure when that is going to happen but should be sometime this Spring.  I am hoping that it's after my eye appointment. 
Speaking of Weather.  It's been crazy here. We have had sunny and 70's only to be down in the 20's and icy and snowy and dreary all in one week.  it just is wild.  I went looking through my pictures I took last year and after searching for a bit found that our trees here didn't budd out until April last year. I though it had been in March.  I have not been taking as many pcitures this year as I did last year. I lost the battery to my red camera and I miss using it. I'm hoping to get a new camera when we get the tax return in. 
Barney and Macon seem to like this weather but not Rocky. He wants to come back in as soon as he's "done" and the other two want to play. when it's dry Rocky will find a place in the sun and lay down and watch the other two playing. He gets a bit miffed if , in their play, they run close to him. Worse if they run over him and the two have figured that out and will look at each other, start to play then run over Rocky.  Yes, they are mean to each other.
Barney is in the dog house.again. He pooped in the floor. but he also peed on my bed. He is just lucky that where he peed it didn't seep through to my blankets or sheets. I had planned on washing that jacket anyway.  But Jerry found where he pooped on Jerry's bed, as well.. We can't be too mad at him though. He did come to us twice to go out and we ignored him.  He does not get the idea of waiting for just a few more minutes. So he is now limited to the living room (again)
The cat have to stay inside now.  We have had new people move in and they don't like kitty tracks on their trucks. They don't seem to mind them covered in dirt, but don't let a cat near them.  They have been behaving so far.  They do seem to get more active just before our bedtime and have gotten in trouble with me, jumping onto the back of the couch while I'm sitting on it, because they like to use my leg to boost themselves on up.. I have three scratches on it right now because of that.  I hold a flyswatter over my left leg (the one with the scratches) to remind them, that's a no-no. 
With last weeks paycheck being very short (19 hours) I was limited in how much we could spend on grocries. But since I knew it was going to be a short check I was able to stock up a bit the week before. Hubby has been helping with the cooking on the days he's not working and I think he forgets that I am eating less.  I do eat all my salad, and just take less of the rest of the meal.  Tonight, I'm going to either fix Hot dogs and Mac and Cheese or Chicken breast and mashed potatoes. Either way, I'll have much less of the starfchy stuff and more salad. Hubby is okay with taking the left overs to work for his lunch.
I made Sugar Free pudding four our dessert tonight.
I am hearing... I got to hear my Grand daughter playing in the back-ground while talking to my daughter today. 
I am wearing... brown sweat pans and a black tshirt that has the names of all the members of the Jazz band from my daughter's last year school.
I am creating...  My notebook of crafts.  I include any thing I do with my fingernails as well. For St Patricks Day, I painted them a medium green then put a glittered green on top of that, then on the thumb nails. I added a bit of irradance sparkle  I made a couple of "Happy Spring" cards. I'm thinking of sending them to my Grand Daughters. I need to make a card to send to my grand son as well.   I need to find some Super Hero ideas for his card. I'll work on his card tomorrow.  I may make one for another little boy I know of.
Of course when I was almost done, I had to take the dogs out. I cleaned up first though. I also added the information to my notebook. Oops. I forgot to add in the size details. I'll have to do that in a minute or two.  I also need to look up a "Spring" poem to put into them.
Tomorrow, once I get the camper cleaned up, I'll work on another card or two.  Hum. maybe even some Easter Cards because it will be here before we know it. I also need to get out a cartridge for Tinker Bell and cut some of those out and send to my daughter so she can pick out which one she wants on her daughter's invites for the party in September. She's giving me lots of time to put them together.  We want to include a "wish list" without it looking like she's asking for these things, but only as suggestions of what to give if someone can't think of what would be a good gift.  I want to do that on a seperate paper or card so that who needs it can carry just the list when they go shopping and not the whole card. 
I'm fairly sure that Hubby is going to have to work on Saturday to make up for yesterday.  So we will have to do our laundry as well as the shopping on Sunday.

Billie C.

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