Thursday, March 21, 2013

Magic Bullet Frozen Fruit Sorbet

I have frozen peaches in the freezer as well as some strawberries. I first tried doing both but I had too many out and my small cup was too full. So I removed the strawberries and added some Pineapple Orange juice to the cup (about1/3 cup) and milled that a couple of times.  shook the cup, milled it again.. shook again then milled a long time. put that in my dish, then did the strawberries the same way, including adding about the same amount of juice to that, as well.  Its a large amount but I love fruit so I'm sure for a late afternoon snack it's going to be just fine.

Billie C
GOD don't make ugly....
Odd, or unique maybe, but not Ugly.

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