Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I wear Green.on St Patrick's Day. This year it was green nail polish. Bailey noticed.. I don't think Jerry had green but she wasn't so sure about pinching him either. Corbin Pinched him, though.
The kids got a kick out of pinching Grandpa.
Since Corbin's Birthday is March 27, We gave him his BD Gifts early. He also got to ride with Grandpa all the time. On Sunday, He got to go with Grandpa while Grandpa paid for our motel from for two nights. He had fun doing that, exploring the room. On Monday, he got to go with Grandpa while Grandpa took care of the tags for the van and camper. The girls in the office loved his hair. He has a Mohawk and his mom set it up in spikes and he sorta looks like Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Game) I'm guessing them made a nice fuss over him and gave him some candy as well. Bailey got to go with Heather and I.
Heather tried to get off from working Monday afternoon/evening from Dollar Genera but on one would come in and work for her. I do hope she remembers that when someone else wants her to change shifts with them over the next couple of weeks. We were under a tornado warning for a while on Monday afternoon to early evening and we were at the store with her until it has passed. There was some rough weather over the mountain from her but we didn't get anything but rain on Monday.
Bailey really enjoyed the Magic Bullet I gave to her (Her first kitchen appliance) and made all the adults smoothies (Granny Dot was staying the night at Heather's) Corbin wasn't feeling well so he didn't have one. Bailey wanted a strawberries smoothie and I showed her how to make that. She made her mom and Orange Julius. When I texted Heather last night, asking if Bailey made anything she said yes, a Strawberry smoothie. Bailey loves strawberries.
We are not really that much further "north" than Dunlap is, but they have more greening going on that we do here. Their fields are all green and the underbrush is also turning green and many of the cottonwoods and dog woods are in bloom. Around here only part of the cottonwoods and dogwoods seem to have a few blooms on them. I don't see many red buds here in the campground but the ones I've seen along the road seem to only have a few blooms and not a full out covered in buds look to them. Even the underbrush around here hasn't started to turn green just yet.
We rented a small storage unit while we were visiting Heather. It;s a 5 by 6 foot for $20 a month. We just wanted to get a few things out of the Van and I know Heather could use some outside of her home storage so she has a key and will keep an eye on it for us, as well. She said she already knows she's going to put her Christmas and Halloween stuff in there. I put a tub of blankets and a couple of Jerry's heavy coats and the small propane heater in there because we don't need them right now. We will have to go back to Tennessee in December, at least because Jerry's Driver's licence will expire on his birthday. I sorted through a tub and pulled out some shorts I had in the tub but most of that one stayed in storage as well.
We Gave Corbin his Birthday gifts while we were visiting. He wanted a Furby. Bailey got one for he birthday and he wanted one, as well. I looked and looked for a gray or white one since that is what he was wanting.. All I could find were purple ones like his sister got from us.. or neon green, or black.. and to me, the black ones just look evil. Bailey had to exchange her Furby and get a black one but it doesn't look evil like the ones on the box look.. anyway.. He got a yellow one and he loves it. They talk to each other.. Corbin has some trouble with some sounds and is going to speech therapy for it.. but the furby don't care. Because I wasn't sure if we would even be able to find a Furby and I saw a fun game for boys on the Internet before we left. The game was to shoot action figures off of stacked solo cups with a Nerf Gun.. and when I saw them with disks instead of the long foam "bullets"... I picked up one for him and some extra disks to go with it, as well. and the whole family had fun shooting things with the disks.. one is outside in the grass somewhere as it went out the door and off the porch (first one shot) and no one could find it. A long time ago. when Bailey for Bailey's second Birthday, I have her a small, sturdy play horse. He was putting his action figures on it's back and shooting at them.. I'll tell you, that poor horse looks very ragged now, but it's still welled loved and Bailey still sits on it. Corbin likes to wrestle with it in the middle of the floor.
While we were at Heather's, Jerry called David to see if he was home or not so we could have a mini family get together.. Nope, he was on the road. Ah well. maybe next time we are in Tennessee he can come see us.
Corbin has Grandpa "Pegged".... Bailey asked her dad for some money so she could try to win a prize out of the claw machine where my mom works. "R" told her, he don't have any money. Corbin was sitting between "R" and Grandpa.. and he held up a hand so Dad wouldn't see and pointed to Grandpa with his other to show Bailey to ask Grandpa for money.. I thought it was sooo cute.
The Dogs ...
Barney got in big time trouble while we were "visiting" at Heathers. He peed on her curtain by the one window he can stand at and look out of, and he tried to pee on Granny once her little dog have been put into the bathroom. Cookie wanted to fight my dogs one at a time or all three at once.. once my dogs were put into kennels in the corner, she ignored them totally. She didn't want them any where near Dotty at all.
The Cats ...
We thought that we may have lost a cat or two when we got home last night. Only one came running when we got in..Tupelo was ready to eat. She can really scarf up a can of cat food fast. She ate two cans of food last night. about 1 1/2 hours later, and Tupelo checking ever corner looking for both her brother and sister, Fuzzy showed up and she also ate two cans of cat food. Strips finally showed up at 10:30, just as I was ready to head to bed, and he got a can of food, as well and some dry food. (It was the last of the canned food I had in side and I didn't want to put on my shoes and get out the other box from the van)
From the kitchen...
This Morning's Breakfast is Oatmeal, with an apple milled with my Magic Bullet and a few Strawberries were milled up, as well, then added a dash of Nutmeg and a couple more of Cinnamon. Sweetened with Splenda and a dash of salt. Cooked on the stove but it can be microwave, as well.

Billie C
GOD don't make ugly..
Odd, or unique but not Ugly.

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