Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Jerry didn't work last night, (snowed out) and was back home in time to watch both NCIS shows last night. I ended up in bed only a bit after the second one ended but he stayed up past mid-night. This morning Macon woke Jerry up to go out side. He "NEEDED" to go out. I was woke up when they cam back inside. We ate breakfast at a local cafe over in Kentuck and it was good. We drove around a bit, Just didn't want to go straight back home at all. I asked Jerry how many "Hot Hand" pack did he have left from the bundle we bought this year and he said only a couple are left so I suggested we pick up another bundle of them so we headed over to Wal mart. My Magic Bullet came in yesterday, so while I was at Wal-mark, I picked up a few things to go into the stuff I think I want to make with it. I saw avocado's on sale so I got three of those, some fresh Dill and basil and chopped onion, as well. I wanted some Jalapeno and went over toe the Mexican food area and not only did I find them, I found Barley. I've been looking for Barley for weeks, as well as flax. I still haven't found the flax. I was going down the back aisle when I saw the discounted clothes. I found 3 tops for me at $3 each. I just couldn't resist at that price. One I may only wear with a white T-shirt under it as I am not a huge fan of "wife beaters" (Beth's name for them) But I love how this one is decorated up with flowers. I picked up some pocketed T's for Jerry and a pack of white T's for me to decorate up and wear this summer. It's becoming a habit for me to buy at least one to two packs at the beginning of Spring to buy myself men's T's for the warmer weather.
When we got back home I put away the groceries, took the dogs out, brought in my Magic Bullet and unpacked it (there are two in the box but I only opened one) The other half will have to go back out into the van and I'll give it to then next of our kids that we see. (most likely will be Heather) I made us Chocolate Malted Shakes with it, before Jerry headed back to bed.
We had Salad, boneless pork chops and Alfredo noodles for dinner. Jerry had watermelon for dessert and I have a handful of Jordan Almonds. I have some fresh fruit in the fridge that I may eat before I head to bed, tonight.
I made the beds today and now working on the dishes. I'll be done with those soon and then I can either sew or work on a craft. Not sure just yet which will come first. I picked up another Serger and I want to get it un-packed and checked out. I want to make that new dress for Baby Heather on it since it's really only one seam up the back and then hand sew some ribbons on so it can be tied. I still need to work on skirts and tops for her while she's still small enough to fit into the pattern I have for that top.

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