Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hello. I've been "Missing".
My hubby is job hunting.  When he's home it's harder for me to be on-line for any length of time. Just catching up with my emails when I can.  I hope that Life returns to Normal soon.
I got my hair cut today. We had to go to our Daughter's house to pick up our mail, and while we were in town I went to the lady who cuts my daughter's hair. I had to tell her to go shorter. well, it's shorter but not as short as I had it before.. That's ok, cause I can always go have it done again, in about 3 months.

Billie C.

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jana said...

I knew that was the reason for not writing in your blog cause i read what he put's in his blog. I could never do anything either when my husband was home. It's just jana