Sunday, October 21, 2012

Googly Eye Cake

Googly Eye Cake


  • A cake mix for a double layer 10 inch round cake. (You'll also need the ingredients required by the cake mix instructions.)
  • Two cans of chocolate frosting.
  • A pastry bag and several tips (star and thin).
  • Two tubes of decorative icing (white and black).
  • An assortment of candy such as Necco Wafers, Life Savers (Gummy or Hard), M&Ms (Different Sizes), etc.


Make two 10 inch round cakes using one box of cake mix. Cool and remove the cakes from the pans according to the instructions.

Place one layer on a plate, cover the top with frosting and frost the sides lightly.

Place the second layer on top.

Put the remainder of the frosting in the pastry bag and use the star tip to make the cake look "furry". You should cover the top of the cake and down the sides of the top layer with frosting.

Decorate the cake using the round candies and the decorative icing with the thin tip. Place two round candies side by side and affix smaller candies to the front using icing. The pupil of the eyes can be made using white icing.

Black icing can be used for eyebrows either above the eyes, around the eyes, or in a line slanted across each eye. Black icing can also be used for eye lashes. You can also add light glints and other effects.

Variations and Hints:

  • Brown makes for the best "fur" color, but other colors of frosting can be used.

  • A different flavor of frosting or a pudding can be used between the layer cakes.

  • We put the number candle on before the eyes so we were sure there'd be room for it.

  • Lighter candies should be placed on the sides of the cake so they don't slide down.

  • Some of the eyes can be centered and others at crazy angles for a googly eyes effect.

    Billie C.

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