Thursday, October 11, 2012

For Today ... October 11

For Today ... October 11
Hello ... and good evening. I folded and put away the laundry today. I sorted  through our clothes, removing the summer clothes to a tub. Jerry brought me in a tub from the van that had some of our winter clothes in it and those are now in our drawers.
Outside my door ... It's now dark but today was nice and sunny for the most part.  We had a few high dark clouds coming in while the sun was going down and we have a slight chance of rain over night.
The Dogs ... have had a good day.  Eating, sleeping, going outside, then coming back inside.  Playing with each other. Barney playing with an empty cola bottle.
The Cats ... came inside for a while. All asleep on Jerry's bed for a bit. Macon had two of them cuddled up with him for a bit.
From the kitchen... I took a box of Dressing and used my mini chopper to turn it into ground up dry bread, Then added the seasoning pack to it, to coat two pork chops with it. I baked two potatoes in the roasting oven. I started them about 20 minutes before I put the pork chops in the oven. Jerry cut up the vegetables for our dinner.
I am hearing... The TV. I'm channel searching. trying to find something we both want to watch. Not having much luck on that.
I am wearing... brown Sweat pants and a dark blue top with 2011 New Grandma on it
I am reading... emails all day long.

Billie C.

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