Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Fabric Covered Pumpkins

1 181 682x1024 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

These little fabric covered pumpkins are just adorable. They are so tiny and cute!

All you need are dollar store pumpkins, fabric, Mod Podge and yarn or twine for the stem.

1 034 964x1024 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Here they are in they dollar store glory. I knew I could jazz these babies up into stylin' Fall pumpkins.

1 038 1024x880 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

I coated my strips of fabric with the Mod Podge and started laying the fabric on. There really is no rhyme or reason for the placement of the fabric but I did tend to lay them more vertical. I used my fingers and the paint brush to press the fabric down, it does get sticky!

1 1781 899x1024 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

They take a little while to dry but well worth the wait. If you put them outside they will dry a lot quicker.

I covered the stem with olive yarn but you could use bakers twine, burlap, raffia.

1 191 1024x672 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

The possibilities are endless here, you could have turquoise, lime, bold patterns, tweed fabric, plaids!!!

1 183 840x1024 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Now I just have to find a home for them, but one things for sure, they will definitely fit in with my current Fall decor!

1 180 682x1024 Fabric Covered Pumpkins

How are all your Fall projects coming along, have you started decorating yet?

1 165 682x1024 Fabric Covered Pumpkins


Billie C.

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