Monday, April 2, 2012

Apr 2

For Today ... April 2, 2012
Yesterday,  being Sunday, we have done our "Usual".
Eat breafast at Golden Corral
Shop at Walmart (found some goodies)
drive around a bit.
Shopped at Hilltop. That's where the title of this note comes in at. Oh Great. I do all the shopping and as we are putting stuff in the van the cashier comes running out, they forgot to put our cheese in the bag.. Okay??...  We get home and I put away the food and, wait, where is the roast I wanted to fix for tomorrow nights supper? It's not here. Jerry goes through the van, it's not there either. He had to look up the phone number and call them. They will give him another one, tomorrow on his way home from work. Great...(grr) I had planned on that roast for tonights dinner. At least they are going to replace it.  I can't believe it didn't get packed with the rest of the cold stuff.
I went over the recept to make sure every thiing else was brough int, It was.
Whew, I'm beat and the day is only half over with. Buth then, I once read that if you don't have at least 1/2 of your work done by 10 am, your not working hard enough (????)  Well I have a lot done, that's for sure.
I cleaned up outside around the camper, put the cover on the canopy, weedeated the grass and after that took my shower (don't peek, I'm sitting here on the couch on a towel with one over me while I finish drying)
combed out my hair
My Grand daughter sent me a "Flat Stanley" and we took him a few places on Sunday and took a few pictures.  Two that sthand out is one in front of the statue for Wilma G. Rudolf.  She went through so much before she started running.  I wish that, during Black History Month, you could heard more about a person like her, than some of the others that are year after year.  We ended up at the flea market and I picked up a few things. A pack of permanent markers, two packs of potato bag clips, a large wire basket that I can use to rinse the vegetables off in, before making a salad, and a large bag. I had a time of it, convincing the man to put the stuff in the large bag. I wanted the bag to carry the stuff in and for other uses around the camper.I'm thinking of making it into a picnic kit. I use to have a nice woven bag that was just perfect to carry a colth, paper plates, napkins and plastic wear in.  I don't know where it ended up  in all our moves.
The other picture that stands out, is at the lime kilns.. They are relics of the past now. but stand as a reminder that all things end. They use to provide the lime for water plants all over the country, until the lime sources ran out. (just like all the oil will "run out" one of these days)
Outside my door ... It is NICE.. a bit warm but nice for this time of the year. I can remember many a earl April that the weather was still bone cold and muddy/nasty.  But I do wonder what is June going to be like since this weather reminds me very much of many a good June in the past.
We have a few high, white fluffy clouds but nothing that says rain in it.
The Dogs ... Barney is in trouble (again) I caught him chewing on the lead I have tied around the leg of the couch to keep him out of the bed room (and from peeing on my bed) I told him stop, and he did. But just as soon as I stop watching him, he was chewing on it again. In the kennel.
The Cats ... were doing their usual ninja move practic this morning, Bed to bed, run the hall, jump at the sink, into the bathtub. back to the bed and over each other. Oops.. they were chasing a sketter killer . finally they wore out and are now asleep with Rocky on Jerry's bed.
From the kitchen...  I'm going to make taco meatloaf. I will add a package of taco meat spices to a package of ground meat along with 1/2 cup of oatmeal and an egg, form into a loaf and bake outside in my roasting oven (so the heat is outside) Praying that I don't trip the breaker while it's baking. I'll toss a couple of potatoes into the oven along with it. We went to Dollar General yesterday after dinner and I found a drip pan that should fit on top of one of my baking pans so the grease will drip away from the meat. 

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Susan in SC said...

Hi! I just came across your blog. Taco meatloaf sound very good. I will have to try that. I had not thought of putting my appliance outside to cook during the hot days but it makes sense. 2 tips from you today. Have a great day!