Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Tuesday

Well. Easter is pass, and Jerry had 4 days off. We had lots of fun but I am so glade he's back to work so I can clean the camper and outside again.
You know how it is.. a man under foot means little gets done. I really am going to hate it when he retires, I'm sure. He thinks he's going to get to sit around all day long. I have other news for him. I've already told him, he's got to get a hobby that will take him outside. Fishing will work for a while, but he's got to find something he enjoys doing, outside the walls. Playing games or reading means he's still going to be in my way while I'm cleaning.
Outside my door ... It was cloudy and cold this morning, Now it's warm enough to be comfortable and clear skies.  It's going to be cool for the next few days.  I'm working on a sweat shirt jacket. I've turned the cut edges and hemed them down, next is to poke holes every inch or so, so a crochet hook can get through and pick up the yarn I picked out, to give a decortive edge to the whole thing. We have returned to Normal weather but it sure feels cold now.
The Dogs ... have been barking at every sound they hear.  People across the way are living out of a tent and if they talk loud, Rocky can hear them and he barks to let me know someone is "outside" the fact that they are also across the road doesn't seem to matter to him.
The Cats ... have been enjoying a few days outside.  Now that it's cooled off, they want to come back inside and sleep on the beds with the dogs.
From the kitchen...  I'm going to bake two thick cut pork chops, and some potatoes and fix a salad to go with it. I still need to figure out something for a dessert as well.
I am hearing... The T.V. is on.  I can hear the birds outside, as well.  and the windmill I have taped to the front of the camper rattles just enough to remind me it's out there.
I am wearing... Black Sweat Pants and a white tshirt that I "colored" up with all the sprits paints a couple of weeks ago.
this is something I worked on a couple of weeks ago.  The light could have been better but you get the idea.
I'm going to make another one, with the Saints football team logo on it, for the land lady. She's a Saints fan. It was a good thing I was up at the Easter gathering cause I was going to go with black in the middle and gold around the edges.. No, it's the other way around Gold in the Center and a black outline.  I'm even thinking of doing a t-shirt for her, as well (make it a set.  Also thinking of just putting the Fleur De lise in each corner instead of one large one, or just doing two, one with 4 small ones and one large one she can then hang like a flag on her wall.

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