Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Morning

Good Morning.

One of the blogs I follow has joined a blog hop called "What I wore Wednesdays". Well. I'm not joining in that, but I do try to take a picture of me each day, at my computer. Expecally if I'm wearing a top I decorated. I did this top a few weeks ago, and it's been washed three or four times now and the Fabric marker I used is holding up well to washing. Did I show you the bandana I did up? Here is a picture of it.

The top of it is not that dark, it's shaded by the edge of the awning it's under. I love how it turned out, but realise I really should have laid it flat before spraying it. and turned it to an angle or made two smaller butterflies and set into the corneres. But I don't have to wear it, I can use it in some other way. The bandana's were 10 for $8.00 at Wal-Mart.
I'm on my second cup of coffee, this morning. Nothing special about that.
Outside my door ... It's sunny and cool out. I have my door open even though my desktop says it's only 46 outside. I think it's much closer to 60 than that.
The Dogs ... are in the kennels. They just won't shut up. There is nothing outside for them to be barking at. I've looked, I've gone window to window looking out. I don't hear or see anyone outside. Not even the cats.
The Cats ... Well. Two are outside and one is sitting in the back window looking out (it's open so it could go out if it wanted to) I've put a bowl of dry cat food on the counter back there for the cats if they want it. Oops she must have thought I was writing about her, she's now under my arm.... gone again... back to the bathroom again. She just wanted to check on me, I guess.
From the kitchen... I've pulled the ground beef out. Not sure what I'll make with it. I think I still have a burger mix up in the cupboard. When I finish writing this and sending it out, I need to clean up the cupboard that is over the fridge and a see just what do I still have there and what I should be making with it all. Oh yeah. Have to cook the fish today.
I am hearing... "The View" right now. Birds singing, Rocky growling (he's always grumpy when he has to share his kennel with Barney)
I am wearing... White T-Shirt with a Sunflower on it. Black sweatpants.
I am reading... I went through the Kindle library and picked up a few more books. I havn't started any of them yet.
I am creating... A better living enviroment. I really need to find better places to keep my "stuff". I cleaned up Jerry's side of the couch yesterday, and expected him to just mess it back up. Well I did pile everything on his computer that he should have taken care of, long before now. He did put a few things back on the printer, but it's not messy like before. He did try to keep it neat.
Besides the Kitchen, I need to clean up around my own computer and finish up a few projects while I'm also planning on making a few other things.
One of my favorite things... Sleeping in, waking up feeling better than just ok.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Laundry today, this afternoon. taking care of my few plants. continueing to find something to work on. Need to finish the bag I made over the weekend. I'll post a picture when I'm done with it.

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