Monday, September 21, 2009

Memphis TN

We have been here a month, now. Been driving around. Went past Graceland. Can't believe how much they want a person to pay, just to look around. $30 is a bit too much.

We went to Beale Street this weekend. We have had a week of rain, and we didn't stop the first time. We went back today, and walked 6 blocks. 3 down and 3 back up. We stopped and picked up some post cards. I saw a cookbook, but didn't want to pay $5.00 for a book only half full of recipes. the back of each page was empty so you could write your own recipe into it.

We did stop to read the street side history markers. Very intresting what all happend in Memphis back in the early part of the 1900's.
We went into the "Hard Rock" cafe, but didn't eat there. It didn't look like much, to us. (Sorry) We walked back up the street and ate at the Beale Street Blues Cafe. We had Catfish, with Steak Fries and cole slaw. The slaw was not much at all. No flavor to it. The catfish was good. It all came to the table hot, Piping Hot.

The rain has finally stopped, but none of the museums are open here on Mondays. Since we don't know if Jerry will be working tomorrow or not, we don't make any plans. I hope he works. but there is a chance that this job is over with as well. There is some problem with permits and I don't know the whole story, but it's meant that Jerry has had 4 days off work, three of them full pay and one he still got his per diem for.

While doing a search for "something" to do, I found out that there is a Putt Putt gold center here in town. That is where we headed first. We did good to get our game in before the rain started back up. We love playing mini golf.

The dogs don't like the rain much and hate being stuck in the room all the time as well. Taking them out between the worst of the rain is intresting. When it did dry up some. I let them play for a while but they didn't like the wet grass much.

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