Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July rain, ER, and life

I ended up in the ER yesterday. For the last week I have been having some sinsus problems, or so I though. Well, maybe some but they drain when I sit up and move around a bit.. but this time, things were way different. I had "something" in the back of my throat. A Big something. I tried to cough, it would not go up. I tried to swallow, it would not go down but it gagged me, badly. It then moved up a little and I at least stopped gagging. but it went back down again and the gagging started agian. I tried a sip of water, thinking it's a wad of phelm and that would help move it along. That made things worst. I finally got it up enough I could breath again. All this time, I'm trying to make Jerry's breakfast so he can get to work. Not going to happen. He'd been watching me, wondering what's going on. I told him, your going to have to take me to the ER, I can't get this to move. While getting into the car, my sinuses drained as is normal for me.. but that "thing" is still there, just not as large.. What the Heck? We get there at 5 15. I'm worked through Triage quickly. I'm not in distress, but this is still getting in the way of breathing every now and then. Finally taken back to a bed. and I sit. and sit. Finally, around 6 20 a nurse comes and asks me whats going on. I tell her. Ok. around 7 a Doctor comes in to see me. looks in my mouth and tells me.. You have the classic complaints of Angioedema ofthe Uvula (swelling of that thing that hangs down in the back of the throat) Caused by one of my meds. I'm given some iv meds, and checked in a couple of hours. It's going down, slowly. At least its not gagging me any more. but it's still there. I meet my "New" doctore who will be my primary care doctor, while we are here in Tuscaloosa, but I'm still not his paitent yet. He does know whats going on with me, and says that he sees no reason for me to stay but it's up to the ER Doc if I go home or not. He's glade to meet me and having an appointment on the 14 already is great, a good time for a follow up on this. He remember Seeing Jerry two weeks ago. Mainly because Jerry's meds were not called in until Monday ,after he was seen on Friday. He was told they would be called in on Friday. and he had to make a few phone calls to find out what was going on with that. (Back to me) The ER doc looked in my mouth again and said yes, it's not as swollen, you can go home, take these scripts and stop taking the one med that's causing this. I can not take ACEI any more. Be sure to let any new doctors I have know this. Ok. I'm on Benidril, a steroid and Pepsid. I feel a whole lot better and can say that, for one in the last three weeks, got a good nights sleep.

I don't know about you, but I read my brother's blog a couple times a week. (it's in the list to the side, Old School Alaska) It's one of the ways I can keep up with what goes on in his life. We don't really talk to each other much. He wrote about the 40 Annervery of the Moon Landing. He was at a friends house. My younger brother and I were at our Babysitters house to watch it on thier Color T.V. I remember sitting on the floor as close as I could get to it along with a few other kids that the sitter watched and the parents all behind us on the couch and in chairs. We had a small party going on. One small step for Man, On Giant Step for Mankind. and then the flag was set up. after that, us kids were herded outside to play while the parents visited for a bit. We didnt do that, often. but I was glade they did that day. I was 11 so that made Andy around 7 and almost ready for 1st grade. I think it was the last year we had her for a babysitter. I had outgrown her by then but Andy still needed more watching than either my brother and I could give him. In Summer of that year, after we woke up, I would walk him to the sitters home then go back to our home. I think the walk took me about 1 1/2 hours each day. Mom picked Andy up, on her way home. One of the things I remember best from those days in the spring rocking horse she had. I always have loved horses and I would spend hours on the thing, if allowed to. After about 10 minutes I was told to get off, each time though.

Well, now I have shared what happened yesterday and a memory. Jerry did go in to work for 1/2 a day. Today is a rainy day in Alabama. He can work in rain but not Thunderstorms. We have a chance of those this afternoon. I hope they don't pop up. of if they do, wait until after 5 30. We will do ok, though. either way. I have had the door open today and the windows are all up. I'm afraid this will be the last day for this until after the middle of August, though. We are headed into the hottest part of Summer, now. Even though I don't like to be all hot and sweaty, I'd rather be that than cold.

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