Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16th

Jerry is still home. He'll be home the rest of this week. No paycheck next week so I'll have to really stretch the grocies for two weeks. I can hope that he'll be able to handle a full day of work on Monday.

I'm sure he would have gotten rained out today. We are on our third rain storm, now. I had just taken the dogs out in tome to get in before the first one started. At least it will smell much nicer outside the door now. We will have cooler temps for a few days. High's in the mid 80's will be nice. I may even open the windows and let the whole place air out. I try to do that in mid winter as well. Find one nice(er) day or two, and open up for a breeze, to blow through the house. I may even be able to grill outside for a few days as well. If I can, I will grill some stuff ahead so that all I have to do, is reheat for dinner.

Dinner tonight will be salad, and if it works out, grilled chicken over ligunii with Alfredo sauce.
I'll most likely use the Forman grill for the chicken, unless it stops raining by then. The alfredo sauce is in a jar. Salad is easy. I have a couple of small bags of salad still in the fridge. I can get one meal out of one bag. I add a 1/2 tomato to each salad, 1/2 a green pepper and 1/2 a cucumber. I like to add celery to mine, but not to Jerry's since he's not fond of celery. Sometimes I'll add some cheese to the salad as well.

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