Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 15th

Hello. I really don't have much to say right now. I do want to share this blog with you...

He's giving away some quilting material and other goodies. Drop in and check it out.

Jerry has been home this week. Sunday afternoon, he was putting away his laundry and pulled a muscle in his back. It's been very painful for him. He's one some muscle relaxantents and some pain meds. I can hope that he'll feel up to going to work tomarrow. Because I share my blog with him, I can't post my current project right now. But it's going to be a good one, once I get a chance to work on it. I can't even work on it this week, because Jerry is home and I don't have a way to hide it from him.

Kelly has figured out to come home at night. At least for a few minutes to eat a bite or two, before going back out. He comes to the door in the morning as well, but I don't always hear him, then. He comes in for longer then, and when Jerry is at work, I'll let him stay in for a couple of hours. At least Kelly hasn't pottied in here since he was tossed out. I need to "wash" our front area. Macon does not get the cocept of going to the grass at the back of the campe and as soon as he gets on the gravel, lets go. We "water" it down a couple of times a week to help keep the smell down. Now, how do I break Rocky from sniffing where Macon's peed? or worse yet, tring to drink it? It's really starting to bug me when he's doing that. I have plenty of fresh clean water down for them and I wash the bowl out at least once a day.

I also need to wash off our table we have outside. I'll need it nice and clean an dry so I can cut out a dress I want to make, for me. I may want to make a dress for my Granddaughter later, as well. I'll have to ask her Mom what size is she wearing now. Miss B loves to dress up. She's a Tomboy as well. Very, very much like her mother. Miss B lost her first tooth this week. I have a card to send her, I just need to drop it in the mail, now.

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