Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There is stupid then there is really stupid

Let me tell you a story.

Last Friday. My dogs, Rocky and Macon, have been "going potty" at the back of our camper for over a couple of weeks now, instead of walking across some rought run gravel. Easier on their feet and mine. and much easier to clean up,, just get out the hose and water the area down, water pushing the solids down into the tall weeds where it can do more good than harm. For some Reason Rocky now wants to lick up where Macon has peed. "Leave It" is the command I use, plus a shake of the lead on his Walking Harness (not collar) At 3 pm. I take Macon out first, while he's doing his thing. I'm playing around with the lead, wagging it back and forth. Just flipping it aruond a bit.. it's hot out. He gets done. and runs back into the camper. It's not that hot that I have to have the door closed all day long. I get Rocky, he heads where Macon had been. gets his scolding and moves over to a small tree and "does" his thing, and runs back into the camper, as well. Sounds great, right? Now for a while I have been working with getting Macon to "wait" until he's in the grass, and preferrable across the small ditch behind the camper. Come 5:30 the usual Nesxt time. (My dogs seem to be on two and a half hour timers in the afternoon) I'm taking Macon and Rocky out at the same time. I do that often. more times than not. When this "Woman" (I will NOT insult my dogs by calling her a B) Yelling and screaming and cussing and flipping the bird at me, saying I better not be abusing my dogs, again, she's going to tape me, I better not hit my dogs with the leads again. (fulling interspersed with the most vile words) I called for Jerry but he didn't hear me. The dogs, of course don't have a clue what's going on, Head for the door, on the run. I tell Jerry, some woman is out there yelling that I'm abusing the dogs. by the time he goes out, she's gone. I tell him what she's yelling at me. When I did call him, she was yelling about how I have to ask someone to come fight my fights for me..(No clue) The dogs did not finish what they were outside for. but at least they did pee. Come 7 pm, they "Have" to go out, again. So, I take them out. Macon, for the first time does just as I have been pushing for, waiting to get on the other side of that ditch and then... I'm be Dammed if that wild, crazy, lunatic isn't back, screaming at me again. I'm trying to praise Macon for a job well done, and I have this "person" (I'll also not insult a female pig, either) Saying even more vile things, Screaming even louder, and getting upset because I will not turn and look at her. Yes, I was ignoring her. The dogs go back in the house, I get the water-hose to clean up, and she's still yelling and screaming. She came into "My" yard and is getting mad that I won't now fight her. She's still screaming that I abused my dogs. I head in, tell Jerry that woman is out there, again, and he heads out the door, She threated to hit him,(Jerry showed great restraint and didn't), my guess is in hopes that he would accually hit her first.She's screaming she'll get us kicked out of here, She works at the office, She and her family ride 4 wheelers down there all the time (???) She will tell lies and get us kicked out. He tells her, want to settle this, Lets go to the office and let them deal with it, She refuses to go. Jerry get in the car and went to speak to Pete and June. June is the only one home. She tell him her name. is Stacy. Jerry told June what she's been yelling and that she's drunk. I didn't let her get close enough to me to find out. June told Jerry, she comes to your spot again, call 9 1 1. We didn't hear from her again. but Now I'm worried that she'll go through with her threats and find a way to get us kicked out of here. We can't move the camper until it's paid off(October, at the rate we are paying it now). I now am afraid to take a walk because I would have to go past her spot.

Now, to answer her question about having Jerry fight my fight for me. Yes. I am under three eye doctors orders and two General Doctors orders to not let my blood pressure rise, or I risk permanet eye damange.I had told June earlier in the day, when I paid the months lot rent, that I had been taken off my blood pressure medicn due to an allergic reaction to it. I don't have the luxury of allowing myself to be angry. I also have learned, long ago. it does no good to try to reason with someone who is out of control. walking (or running) away is better for me, because it won't matter in the long run if I run or stay. They are still going to be angry.

I was stressed the rest of the weekend, waiting for her next ranting. I figured she most likely works on Monday and would be able to tell her tale to who every at work, by then. Oh, the office she works at, isn't for the rv park but with the owners of the park, in their Nursing assistence busness.

Now. I ask you... what was she thinking...?? IF I was abusing my dogs.. IF I was that kind of person.. wouldn't her yelling and screaming make me "abuse" my dogs more instead of less?

the crux of it all, Now my dogs won't "go" to the back of the camper and we are now walking across the crush and run gravel, again, so they can potty.

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