Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I was asked my favorite MJ song.

I was asked, last week, What was my favorite Michael Jackson song. I could not remember the title, I knew it as the "Free Willy" song. "Will You Be There". is the song. I am only a few years younger than my brother. I read his blog. He was not sure why all the hoopla about MJ. Our taste in music is different. I remember sitting on the floor when he first appeared on the Ed Sulivan show. What a funny looking, skinny kid. I don't remember seeing a black kid before him. I know I may have. but not on the T.V. Then, I saw him a couple years later, on I believe was the Glen Campbell show. or maybe it was Sonny and Cher show. Yes, we watched Yee Haw as well. I am only a year older (and a few months) than him so I kinda grew up with him and watching him. Many times, I didn't notice the color difference, unless it was pointed out. Yes, I also heard his sisters' sing as children. But nothing stood out like that kid on stage, Not even Donny Osmand.

I do go with all this extravanganza that is going on around his death. But I do know his life should be honored. Yes even the bad. Because he had both good and bad in his life just like everyone else.

Do I want Neverland to be a Memorial Park ... no. No more than I think Graceland is a tribute to Elvis Presley. Some one is making money from Graceland, and it isn't him. It would be the same with Neverland. It would Not a tribute, but a way for someone else to make money off his name and fame.

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