Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We are doing well. It's getting Hot in Alabama. Yesterday we had a afternoon thunderstorm and our power was out for just ove an hour. Good thing the rain cooled things off. I opened the roof vents and the windows for a good breeze. The dogs are doing well. Macon is now taller than Rocky. When they play it's like watching the younger brother teasing the older one. Macon still being the younger brother. Rocky tolorates his bolsturst play, but would rather not. Kelly Cat, stays in the bathroom most of the time. He comes out only after Jerry gets home from work. Yesterday, I cooked a roast in the crockpot so the power outage didn't effect dinner any. We had power back by the time Jerry got home. Today, I'm going to fix some chicken breast. I saw a recipe I want to try.. you smear a little honey on each side of a chicken breast then roll in cruched saltine crackers and seasoning before baking. I have a toaster oven here I can bake in so I'm going to try it.

We live in a Silver Bullet.. without shade it gets down right hot inside and the air conditioning just keeps it bearable. I found a car shelter on line via walmart that is reasonable priced that Jerry is thinking of getting. We can put it over the camper and it will clear the air conditioner so we can still keep the camper cool. It's a bit high but would be better than no shade at all.

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