Monday, June 8, 2009

Jun 08 09

I sliced a tomato and the onion before fixing hamburgers for dinner yesterday. I was surprised at how sweet this onion is, I hope to pick up a couple more next time I go.

Jerry had his first aid class on Saturday. Afterwards we kept busy. We picked up a canopy and he set it up. I need to reanchor the canopy this morning. I noticed that two of the stakes are not holding down legs like they should. We got a new neighbor who also has an airstream. We learned a lot about ours in just a few minutes and that made it more tolerable when he moved in so closeto ours. At least he's been quiet so far. I'm afraid we may be to noisy for him. The dogs are not very quiet at times.

We are working out a new Sunday schedual. Ryan's for breakfast, laundry, back to storage, then grocie shopping on the way home. We can add Walmart after laundry but before storage if we need to go there.

Sunday was too long but not long enough. We both fell asleep from the heat, I slept for about an hour. Jerry for over three hours. After Jerry woke from his nap, I reminded him that we didn't go to storage like we had planned on, in the morning. He was a bit grumpy but he took me there. Of course he wanted me to give him a list of what I wanted and let him look for it. NOT this time. I made him stand outside while I went through stuff. I found my two smaller skillets that I needed, Got the breadmaker that he said was too far to get to. (yeah, right) Going to make fresh bread for dinner tonight, to make it worth getting. Found the box my swap was in, I havn't opened it, yet. Got the printer he said was impossible to get to. Re setteled a couple of boxes that were threating to fall. One was my good plates. Found our first aid stuff and I got my wind chimes box out as well. I didn't get my sewing tub, that will have to wait until next week. I limit myself to only what will fit on the cart, comeing out. That way we are not over crowded when we bring it all inside. We are crowded but not badly, until I put it away and put the empty boxes or items we don't need back into the van while I'm sorting things out. I've gone through two of the boxes already.

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