Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jerry is an Electriction, not a plumber

Jerry is an Electriction, not a plumber
But that didn't stop him from fixing a leak we had in the bathroom. WE may still have a drip but thats a different problem from the leak we had. It took three trips to the hardware store to get the right fitting but he did get it fixed. Next is, there is a plug blade in the light fixture back there that prevents me from pluging in the fan and aiming it at the floor to dry it. I didn't find out until after he left for work this morning. I'll ask him to remove it and check out that outlet, before I use it. I have to also ask him, Where did he put the small heater I had in the floor. It also has a fan to it and I could aim it at the floor, if I knew where it was.
We are having a bit of a problem between us. Notthing seriouse, really. I just don't want to feel HOT. So I just run the air conditioning enough to not sweat.. But,When he gets in from work, and I understand, really I do, that he's been working in the Sun all day long, he wants it like an ice box in here. Or really more like the freezer door has been open all day long. He wants it COLD in here. I have to ask him to bring me a blanket when we settel down for the night on the small couch. Once I get down on the couch, it's hard for me to get up, and it's after I have I sat that it gets cold in here. He's more that willing to get up and get me a cover, if it keeps me from asking him to turn the air to where it's warmer in here.
Usually, as soon as he's out the door, I change from Air to Fan.. about an hour later, if the fog has lifted, I will turn it off, open all the windows that I can get to, and the overhead vents as well. I do remember my school science that heat raises. So they are the last thing I close, later in the day, when I do turn on the air conditoniong.
I hasve one small fan that I sit on the floor and blow on me during the day, But once Jerry's home, he's sitting in front of it and I don't get any of the moving air. I'm going to move it, before he gets home tonight and see if he'll leave it where it's at.
We have TV. The cable was run a few weeks ago, The system turned on the weekend before last. Still no WiFi, yet. But we are suppose to have that soon. Don't know if it will be free or not, yet.. I like the sprint air thing, but it's slower than dial up and I can't seen to get Kodak Pictures to come in on it well, nor can I watch any YouTube video's. I'm saving them in a special folder to look at later, when we get better service. At least I hope they are saved.

Tonight we will have Grilled Chicken. I will either cook it outside on the propane grill or inside on the Forman grill, if it's raining. I plan on making up a huge batch of rice, so that I can portion it out in meal size portions and just microwave what we need per meal, freezing the rest.
I think I"ll ask Jerry for at least one of the unbrellas out of the van. I keep forgetting to pick one up. To use for shade while I cook outside on the table. A pop up (Easy UP) canapy would be nice, but so far, I haven't found one we can afford. Found some at Lowes, but yikes the price. Course, I could try to make a frame out of conduit or pvc, and stretch a tarp over it. But in the long run that would cost just as much, I think.

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