Friday, June 26, 2009

Catching UP

So much has gone on. We heard from both Girls on Father's Day. And started payments on a small car. Jerry needs something a little more easy on gas for his drive back and forth. It's air conditioner is not as good as the vans is, though.

We got down right hot in the camper. I had Jerry take me to Wal-mart and we picked up a few car windshield reflecters. I cut them to fit inside the windows and it really helped drop the tempatrue inside here. There is one full one on the back window and the rest are cut to fit the 6 smaller windows. I didn't cover the front window as I do want to be able to look out once in a while.

With the car I have a little more ability to move around a bit. Each morning, I take the dogs down to the Splatzone area and they them play with each other and roll in the dewy grass. Macon really loves to roll in the wet grass much more than Rocky does.

We had bought a canopy for outside the camper so I could cook under shade. A week later, we had storm and it brought it down. We tossed the frame and gave the cover to someone who had a frame. We don't know if they had a cover or not. As much as I would like another one, I doubt we will get another one. We were not the only ones to lose a canopy that day. across the road from ours lost one of theirs as well. I would like one more like how theirs is made. It looks more like a car port but they only lost one out of three. A different one did have the tarp come lose, but the frame held up well.

We have no plans for the 4th of July this year. No money to travel with. Jerry will have three days off, though. Since the weather is suppose to be a bit cooler, we may go find one of the local lakes and see if there is any place to get in and get wet. I sure hope so.

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