Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Luck. or lack of .

We just don't seem to be having any good luck right now. Well we do have some good luck. Jerry loves his job here. But, we were driving around a bit on Friday, mainly to get the dogs out of the room for a bit, when the car blew a head gasket. There was a lot of water in the oil. After stopping at a garage that was closing for the night, all three determined that the car was not worth fixing. It did get us back to the motel room, with the dogs. (So that counts as good luck, with a lot of prayer thrown in as well) But now Jerry had to rent a car.. and when we called Beth to ask if we've gotten anything in the mail for the Goverment.. oh yeah.. you did... Our check went to her place. (our address we used on our forms) because there was some problem with the numbers to route it to our checking account. So, at least we know where the check is.. and she sent it to us, now it's in our hands ( US Post cost her $4 for the fast service.) Jerry bought burgers for dinner on his way home from work last night since I don't want to keep putting the dogs in a kennel in the 2009 Impala he's rented. (yeah, it's a NICE car) Of course the dogs are not happy with not getting a ride in the evening. Tonight Jerry is going to go check on a truck and van we spotted in car lots over the weekend. That is, if they are open that late. We have the car until Saturday.. and Friday is only 8 hours instead of 10 so he'll have some time to look on Friday evening as well. But we had other plans for that money. Once we get it cashed, I have to pay property taxes on the farm in Missouri. So that's going to cut down how much we have for a down payment. I don't know if I want the van or the truck more. The van has more room, of course, but I still want to pick up an RV this fall if possible and we will need a place to put the toolbox when we head down the road.

I've had the dogs out three times so far this morning.. first time was a quick pee run... and a trip the the medium strip for one to poop. The second trip was longer, and involved a rope, but it ended up stopping rather quickly as well... the third trip was longer and we still took the piece of rope with us again.. and now I have two dogs sleeping in kennels.. I can only hope they stay that way until noon.

Today's plans are to straighten up the room and remove some files from my comptuer this afternoon, and not get out another net card until around 3.. this one will be up around 10:45 so I need to send this in and then get back to reading emails I need to deal with right away.

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