Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We got here and Jerry is now working. He loves his job. The motel we are now in, is on the small side but is pet friendly. We did do some driving around over the weekend to learn the lay of things around here. It's a collage town. Plenty of shopping. We ended up by the collage and it was cool. the football stadium is huge. We miss all the channels we were able to watch in GA. I do wish there was more on tv than the 7 sports channels and 3 news stations ... tnt, usa, cbs, abc and nbc.... that's about it, here. I did some price shopping on line last night... I can hope we can afford a RV before fall.


Anonymous said...

If you ever get a long week end I know a nice place to visit a state over

Mountainrose said...

East or West or North? Our first long weekend will be going up to the bootheel of MO, but after that.. We are open for any adventure.