Monday, April 13, 2009

Rainy Monday

It's been a long, rainy day in Georgia. I got a phone call from Polk County Police. Someone has been in to my fathers' property. I have never been to the place so I am no help at all. I was told a couple of wood clamps, a saw (Maybe 2) and a boat moter was missing. I have no idea of any thing that would be there or not there. Jerry's phone didn't ring all day long. He did look up flights just in case I have to head back to Missouri. One way isn't too bad, but that would leave him taking care of the pets and if he got a phone call, packing up everything and going to the next job without me. So we still have no idea what we are going to do, yet. Apparently the officer also had my 1/2 brother's phone number and he would know more since he lives closer, and has been to Dad's place a few times. Funny.. I had to look up an email address and found I still had his email address, I just wrote him today, asking if he knew our Dad had passed. I forgot I even had that addy. I have a place I can stay in MO which isn't too far (couple hours drive) from Dad's home, but I would have to use the van we left with our daughter. She sleeps days and works night so it wouldn't be that hard a thing to get for the day. I just would have to be back to her place before 9 pm. it couldbe worked out, if we "have" to. I still havn't heard from the court or his lawyer. I just don't know how the officer got my phone number in the first place.

otherwis it's been a quiet day of t.v. watching.

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