Friday, May 1, 2009

you will be able to see me comeing up the road

I did the phone calls,
I set up to meet with the man,
and you would think Jerry did all the work..

It's a 05 Chevy 2500. (3/4 ton) v8 (moter size we needed) yellow van. It is DHL yellow. We won't miss it in a parking lot, that's for sure. The interior has been covered with wood. Great. The side door has a bit of damage to it. Looks like it scraped a dock somewhere. No hitch, but Jerry said that isn't going to be a problem.

We will be making weekly payments on it. At first he wasn't sure about weekly, but after he thought about, decided it was a better deal. It's set up for about 15 months to pay it off, but we will work on getting it done faster than that. As he said, with weekly payments, He'll know we havn't left town. He felt better about that. He doesn't know us, any more than we know him. But it was willing to take a risk on us. I know how hard that is for most people. But.. we noticed he likes bikes... and we like bikes. And we can talk bikes. I'm still looking for a trike for me.. once we get this paid down, I may ask him to help me find a trike.

We even helped him out with a small problem he had... He didn't know for sure that trailers in MO can be sold with just a bill of sale and not have to have a title. He has a trailer from MO and found out there wasn't a title to it. Now he knows how to get it legal in AL. We got both our horse trailers with just bill of sale. Of course we got them through an auction as well. He just needs to have a state trooper come get the serial number off the toung to verify it's not be stolen... Not a problem, he said.

We took the pups for a short ride in it. Rocky doesn't like that there are no side windows to look out of. He tries to sit on the floor between the front seats and look out. Jerry said we will take them to the park and let them run on extra long leads this weekend. (I'll believe it, when I see it) They really do need a good long play time, outside. I think I may try to pick up a couple of smallish balls for them to play with, as well.

I need my flash light. I was on the floor, trying to look under the bed to see what the pup was chewing on.. can't see a thing under there but shadows. I'll need a long pole as well, cause everything is out of my reach.

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