Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day

Hello. Tuesday morning, around 9:30, Jerry got "A" call. was he working? The answer was no, he was looking for a job. He's called this same job 5 time in the last 4 weeks. Ok.. let me check on something and I'll call you back. At around 10 am, another call... Are you still looking for work. "Yes" let me check with someone else. I'll call you back. (confusion here, you bet) at 10:45, another call. Did you get a call? Yes.. ok, let me check on something and call you back again. By now we don't know to laugh or cry. We don't know for sure if we are staying or going or what. Tuesdays are a strange day to get a job call, I think.. Then, at about 1 pm. we got "The" call.. can you be here by 7 am tomarrow?

Talk about rushing around. We had to get a rental truck. Pack it up, Call Aarons to come get the furnature we rented. Make a mail drop, turn back in the internet access modem (cost us to turn off the service, what's with that??) pack it all up, and leave. We had everything either in the truck or in the car by 6:45. waited and waited for Aarons to show up (didn't) talked to the neighbor about selling the tv. he called the landlady's son. He was suppose to call his mom, but didn't. Bubba caught her as she drove in from her store and told her we were packed and ready to go.. which was a shock to her. She knew Jerry was laid off and job hunting. She gave us $70 she had on her and said the rest of the asking price, should cover the power and gas bill we hadn't paid yet. Jerry wasn't pleased with so little but it wa all she had on her. And we don't have to worry about the bill and the house was left reasonbly clean. I even scrubbed the stove top. left 4 bags of trash on the back porch.
We left a little after 9 pm and got here around 3 am. I had to make 3 "Pit" stops along the way. We fell into bed and got up around 5:30 this morning. got dressed and went two doors down to the waffle house for breakfast. The prices are higher here than they were in Forsyth by about a doller. I had a waffle and two eggs, scrambled. Jerry had meat lovers breakfast. They kept asking if I wanted more than coffee, waffle and eggs.. Nope that was more than enough... I don't usualy eat that early in the morning but I was hungry. My sugar reading was in the low 200's. High but not bad considering I had eating that waffle. My after noon reading was back down in the low 130's. Now, I'm waiting for Jerry to call me and let me know he's on his way back to me.

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