Saturday, March 7, 2009

Satureday Morning

As a kid, I use to sleep in till at least 10 am, Unless one of my brothers woke me up to watch cartoons. It was usually our one day a week for some deep cleaning in the house since Mom worked outside the home while we were growing up. It Was the one day that we knew Mom would be doing some real baking as well. In good weather, while we lived in Grand Junction, she would send us kids to the movies in the morning. She said it was her two hours of alone time she allowed herself each week. We would come in from the movie, tell her the plot and eat cookies with a glass of milk before we were expected to clean up our rooms. I think the movie cost us a quarter at the time. If we had put money in our bank account, we got a free ticket from the bank.

Now my Saturday morning start much earlier, Jerry usually ends up having to work most Saturdays, and those he don't work, we still get up early out of habit.

Jerry has to work today, so we were up at 5 am... after sleeping in the living room. One of the pets made a mess on the bed. A wet mess. Now, I'm not sure if it was the dog or the cat. It wasn't huge but maybe more than the cat's bladder would hold, but it wasn't small either. It was on my pillow, and mostly on my side of the bed. So I'm guessing one of them is mad at me. It could have been Rocky, cause I was fast asleep when his usually time to go out in the evening, I was so asleep (napping) that I didn't hear or see him. And Jerry does not speak dog. Rocky can sit at his feet, staring at him, even give his little "I gotta go" bark, and Jerry will not understand what he needs. Or it could have been the cat. I moved the cat box to the middle bedroom while I was cleaning the hallway, with the entent of keeping the cat in that room when it warms up today. Either way. both could have had a reason to get back at me. Anyway... Today I have to strip the bed and treat the spots. At least I have; a spare sheet so we can sleep in it tonight. I only sleep with one pillow so washing the other is not a problem, Just makes the bed look funny when it's made. We also have extra blankets. I'll just have to be sure and keep the door closed from here out.

Rocky got an extra treat this morning. I over cooked the first egg and so I put it in his dish. He wouldn't let the cat even get a sniff of it. He had to wait for it to cool. and he stood guard over it until he could eat it. I had to keep an eye on him so that he didn't try sneaking it off to the living room carpet to eat it. Now he's expecting another I think.

Well. it's a few minutes after 8 am, and I've done little. I'm going through some old emails I have in one of my yahoo id's. Making copies of the recipes and in general just doing some clearing of the box a bit. It's really foggy outside and that just seems to zap and energy I seem to have. I ran the cat out of the back bedroom where my pot of flowers are. He was sitting in the window. He and I are going to go rounds and round over his getting into my flower pots, I'm afraid.

My plans are not much for the rest of the day. A few more emails. Maybe look for some crafts to make later. Jerry said we'd eat out tonight before going to the auction. I may still make some yeast rolls. I'm still thinking about it.

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