Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Day of March

Well. Hello again. It is the last day of March.. It came in like a Lion and it's leaving like a Lion as well, here in middle Georgia. We had our only snow on the first day of March.. I should post pictures of it, I guess.

Here is our car, right afer we noticed it was snowing. Yes, it's a black car.
This is about 1/2 way throgh our snow fall. the bamboo canes ended up touching the ground before it was all over with. We had some kids stop by, willing to cut them out for us so we could get out if we needed to.. I reassured them we were ok, and had a way out if we had to get out. By the time all the snow melted the canes were standing back up straight and tall.
Another picutre of the canes. This time from the road side. Here you can see that some are just about to touch the roadway.
This is the powerlines that service close to our home. We never lost power. Surprise, surpise. Again. once the snow melted all was back where it belonged.
The last two weekends we have had lots of rain. I think we are almost out of the drought that has been a big problem here in Georgia for the last few years. Like I said, it's raining again and April is coming in with lots of rain as well. I've seen lots of colorful flowers around. Wish I knew the names of all the flowers I've seen.
Jerry is job hunting. The phone has not rung, yet. He's used the computer to look up jobs, gotten numbers from friends and even paid for a trades book to find even more numbers in. Many of the jobs listed state that they wil lstart hiring Electrictions after the first of April.. We were so hoping that we would get that call before the end of today. No such luck.
I have packed up the two bed rooms we've used for storage and most of it is in the space behind the couch. I know we will have to rent a small truck to move everything, cause the car will not be able to handle pulling a trailer and we have Jerry's large toolbox we have to take with us. I'm not sure just how much room we will have left after that box is put on. Then the next thing will be finding a motel in the area of the next job. We will need one that lets us have the pets.. hopefully on the ground floor. A pool would be nice, but it's not number one on the list of got to haves. So far, every place Jerry has mentioned would be fun and good for us to go to.. One in the mountains of Eastern TN. One near the coast of South Carolina. One up in Maryland and one in Centrial Alabama. All places I've not been. One is in an area he's been in. Jerry said he didn't do much looking around when he was there before.

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