Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness

It's March all right.

I wanted to check out the cost of a cat tree, at PetSmart.. I can make a cat tree from the milk crates at the store and be happier with the results.. but coming out the door.. was a pen full of puppies. I let Rocky visit with the puppies and Jerry watched them all... I went to the car, and here comes Jerry, with one of the pups. We have named him Macon. (We were in Macon at the time we got him) and he's 6 weeks old. I reminded Jerry that he is always telling me we could be back in motel rooms in just a few weeks. But we have a new pup, and I'm having to house break him. also having to kennel break him as well.

I had another eye treatment yesterday. It was the worst yet. If there is another, I think I'll have to ask for the shot in the eye.. this last one HURT LIKE H$!!... But the doc says he thinks it will be the last one I need. (I hope and pray) I go back in a month and will be checked to be sure.

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