Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another rainy day in Georgia

Good Morning from a Rainy Georgia.

It's not a pour out of your boot rain, not even a gentle, soak into the groud rain that is so needed here. It's more a humid almost ready to rain type of day. Macon, just down the road, may not like the rain this week. Only because it's the Cherry Blossom Festival this week. Yes, it lasts a whole week. Free ice cream in one of the parks. Not that we plan on going the 20 miles for an ice cream. Each day something else is also in the park. Oh yeah.. have to add in the sea lion show. It's each day this week as well. There's suppose to be some organ music at one of the local churches I wish I could go hear.
Jerry is job hunting this morning. Letting the computer help him out. He's ordered the Indrustrial Trademan Magazine. A magazine put out by construction company's for people who work in the trades. We've gotten job's through it before, We can take it off the taxes this next year if we decide to go itemized on our forms. That works only if we have a lot of expences. We can take off all travels, tools and such.

Today's plans include finishing up that middle bedroom. I want to get it done. It's dragging me down not getting it finished up yet. Just not get up and go to go do it with. From there, I need to do the stored things in the hallway.
Bathrooms won't take me long to pack up. The bedroom will take about 45 minutes at most. I figure the kitchen will take me almost 2 hours at the rate I'm going, to pack up. One reason the bedroom is taking so long, besides the fact I Keep taking naps is I only work one box at a time, toss everything out of place into a box, bring it to the living room, sort it out into boxes with like things in them... sit at the compute a bit, then repeat. Add to that, we have to make two trips to Macon and that takes at least 1 1/2 hours or more, in the middle of the day. No wonder I'm not getting any thing done. OH, yeah. I got to get the stuff on the front porch ready to go as well.
I asked Jerry what we were going to do for Easter Dinner. He said he just don't know, yet. because we don't know where we will be, yet. I was thinking of coloring up 6 eggs, just cause I can. I would like some potato salad. but since I'm the only one who likes it, may just do without it this year. I figure a small canned ham. fresh bread, a couple of baked potatoes, a salad and maybe some green beans will be our Easter meal this year. Oh yeah. I may open a small can of olives as well as cut up some cheese.

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