Monday, October 6, 2008

and we moved again

Yes, we are no longer in Tennessee. We had moved to a resort that didn't have internet for a week. We expected to be there around 6 to 8 weeks, but Jerry got the call he's been waiting for. We are now in Georgia. Forsyth to be exact. It's pleasent here. We are at the Super 8 for now. A lot depends on how long this job is suppose to last. If only a few weeks, we will stay in the motel. If a few months, then we will get a house... funny thing is, yesterday, while checking out the Whistle Stop cafe, and looking for the motercycle museum. We were offered a chance at a house here in Forsyth. First I need to know, how long we are expected to be here. Jerry was to call me, but hasn't yet. I don't know if he's still in orentation or just went straight to the job. I'm waiting for his call. I'll be starting our dinner here in a bit, in the crockpot. think I'll open the can of chili and warm it up. I may add some hot dogs to it. That and a salad would make a good meal tonight. We have potato chips we can add in as well.

The trip was on my Birthday. I did get to see my two older kids and the two Grand Kids. We stopped for a late lunch, early dinner at Shonies with them. We were packed up and out of the resort by 8 am.. met up with the kids around 2 and left there around 5. We finally got here to 8:30. I do not like having to go through Atlanta but it was not a big problem. We did have some trouble out of the Jeep, it wanted to run hot. As long as we were going 60 or better it kept cool, but lower and it would get hot. We kept up with traffic without passing so we were good.

Our room sure feels small compaired to the one we had at the resort. We did get everything in yesterday but we sure don't have much walking around space. Ugh. I know, I 'm sore this morning from carring everything up the one flight of stairs. But we have to turn back the trailer by tomarrow afternoon.

Rocky is taking to this motel living very well. He does bark when someone knocks on the door, sometimes when someone is loud, but most the time he's quiet. We do take lots of short walks. He's getting very good about meeting people although he still wants to jump up on people. Part of that is he's a bit short in the legs. I can't really have a large dog as most motels don't want you to bring in a large dog.

Today's high is in the mid 80's but by tomarrow it's to be in the low 70's I think I heard.

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