Saturday, October 11, 2008

Forsyth Ga

We are in Georgia, now. It's been nice and hot here. We had rain, started mid week, and been drizzling ever since. I went and checked out a house I heard of.. It's not great, but it would do. I think Jerry wants to try to look for something a bit nicer. ( don't blame him none there) But, it's big enough, close enough to the job and in a quiet area. He "heard" of a house about 5 miles from the job. If its out in the country, I'd be happier than living in town. Of course, I see things I can do to make it more a home. It does need work, but the lady said they are working on it. I havn't heard back from her, yet. I did fill in an application for it. One question I couldn't answer. Last Landlord.. I forgot who we last rented from. That was back in 1999. Then I remembered, but we never had his phone number. There is no area for a garden. It looks like it's in shade all the time. In summer that would be a bonus, though. We will just have to wait and see, now.

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Miss 376 said...

I hope you find somewhere. You'll be able to relax