Thursday, September 25, 2008

Less for More

We have moved to the next job. It's near Union City TN. We are staying at the Country Hearth Inn. We are paying more money for less. The sign out front says "Free Breakfast". Only we have to pay $20 more a week if one of us wants their breakfast. No way. It's costing us $10 a day for the dog.. yes,, that's $70 a week for the dog to stay in the room with us. And he's not to bark at night. I'm to make sure that the room gets vacumed each day. I was asked to leave the door open for a bit so the room could air out, today. We are paying over $400 a week. This is the only motel in Union City that allows dogs. Tonight, after Jerry gets off work, we are going to check out a kitchenette that Jerry heard about from a friend at work. I sure hope it's big enough for us. Right now. I could use a place I can really cook in. I can cook with my electronics but I would love a kitchen right now. Jerry was told that this job was only about 4 weeks when he came to this one. Looking around he says it's more like 8 to 12 weeks.

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