Monday, September 8, 2008

Please note.. 4 trucks.. 10 parking spaces taken. This is common here. Trucks take up alot of parking, and there is truck parking here. they can line up 6 to 8 trucks before they reach the marked space parking, usuall. These 4 though.. just took up so many spaces, because they could. They didn't pull all the way through on any of them, only one had a trailer with it. An on-going peeve I have for here, is that the General Manager here, parks in the handicap parking, every day. Not just for minutes, but for hours at a time. I Know he doesn't have the special emblem on his tag and he does not have the mirror hanger either. His son also parks in the same area..

I guess he figures he's "special" I got news for him. being from another country isn't considered a handicap in the USA.

This is where he parks every day. right in front of the main door into this motel. Note how he's not only taking up a handicap space, but also the space for a van to unload from. So he's really taking up two spaces. There is a sign right in front of where he parks that says there is a $100 fine for parking there without the permit.


Patty said...

Will the police do anything if you report it? I think the fine where I live is close to $300.

JosephR4570 said...

I'd call a cop in a heartbeat.