Monday, September 8, 2008

I love WEekends

I love weekends. I really do. Jerry had two days off, and the weather was just perfect. Saturday, after getting up and walking Rocky, eating breakfast, we went Geocaching.. We found one. One we had looked for, before. I feel so silly, I had even tapped it with a stick last time we were in those woods.. even thought it would be the perfect hiding thing for it.. under a rock. It was a fake rock. Duh.

We drove around Hennepin canal for a while. And, We just drove around a bit. Soo bored sitting in the motel room.

Sunday, we slept in a bit. Went out for breakfast around 8:30, Went looking for another Geocache, but no luck in finding it. We did find a very nice park with bronze children statues in it. I took lots of pictures of it. We Drove around some more, and just had lots of fresh air. We did our shopping for lunch stuff in the afternoon. We ended up going back to Wal-Mart later for sandwich stuff for dinner as well.

A couple of days ago. one of the cleaning ladies gave me some tomatoes. We had a couple of them sliced up on sandwiches.. They were soo good.

This morning, After walking Rocky for the second time, I had breakfast in the daybreak room, as always. A bowl of honey oat cereal with milk, a banana, and a cup of coffee. I paid up the room for the week.; Then I walked Rocky around the outside of the motel, again.

It's room cleaning day, So I had to pick up before Joyce came to do her job of wiping the gunk off the shower walls, wipe the floor, swish the tolet and change sheets on the bed. After she left, I sorted the laundry and got it ready to wash. I'm doing the darks today and will do whites and jeans tomarrow. I ate a sandwich and peach for my lunch. Then took down today's laundry to wask.. Surprise, there is a tools truck sale going on. I havn't been in there yet. I'll wait till Jerry gets home from work since they are open until 7 pm. I know Jerry is going to want to look around in there.

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