Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This will cover Friday and Saturday, I hope.
We left Princeton Il around 2 pm and we got to Lawson around 9:30, Thursday night. Not too bad. Friday, Beth had to work from 10 to 1 then left for her concert. Beth went to the "Rock the Light' A Christian concert in Swope Park Kansas City. We did some looking around for the camper, but didn't find it. We drove past the farm. You can't see the house, the weeds are so tall. Way too tall. We followed some tracks into the field, to find out it was from a friend of Beth's who asked if he could pick up old metal.. He did a really decent job of picking up a lot of metal. Good. I sure hope he got enough to do himself some good. We drove all the back roads in the area looking, and still no camper.

We did get the jeep inspected, and tagged. But I wasn't able to get my licence renewed because my birth certificat from California does not have an embosed seal on it. It's what was sent to me, back in 1998 when I had to order one, after a fire. Now, I'm going to have to order another one. We also got one of the horse trailers tagged. Jerry to pulled it, Sunday, to Beth's so we could work on it.

Friday evening, We spent with Jerry's twin sister. We explained what has been going on with the camper being taken from the farm, paid her for the camper and had her sign it over to us. Jerry worked on her computer while we were there and took care of a problem she's had with it. We got home about 1/2 an hour before Beth did.

Saturday.. We did some more driving around looking for the camper. Still no luck at all in finding it. By 10 am, we had enough and went to the county seat, to file a stolen property report. The officer who took the report was nice enough.. I mean, he understood we want the camper back, and that we have been out looking for it. He also understand that we have been out of town for a while and have been trying to get ahold of the people who's land it was on, but have not had any luck with that.. He's going to keep looking, will try to find the people who own the land it was taken to, before it was removed last weekend and all the tracking we have done basicly.. I hope he has better luck than we did. He will offically file a stolen report on Monday evening. He is trying to help us just find it and get it back. He understands we have been trying to just have it returned, first.. but it it's not found by Monday, it's time to step up and get more aggressive about it.. I did tell him, if it gets to that, I can come to town and stay as long as needed to procuate who ever took it off our place in the first place. And I mean it, even if it was one of my nephews... I will put them away. Who ever took it off our place had no reason or right to do that.

I found Beth's music cd's and have been copying to my laptop.. I'll not want all the music, but I do want some of it.

I did make pancakes for Beth and we also had fresh eggs with them. While I was finishing up with them, Jerry's sister, Kathy, and her son, Josh, come to Beth's house. Beth is not happy about that. Not at all. Josh has said some very rough things about one of Beth's best friends. He also owes her lots of money from where he's stayed with her, run up bills, then left her having to pay them. They stayed way too long. Jerry's sister has a way about her... she can insulte every one in a room within a few minutes of entering. She seems to think that only her opinion counts. Told Beth she "Needs" to put curtains up... well, it's cause of her son that she doesn't have curtains at the one window she's looking at. He's the one who wouldn't leave the blinds up and let the dogs tear them up. Told Me I NEED to dye the grey out of my hair... EXcuse ME.. it's my head, what's it to her, if I like the Silver in my hair? Made some remark about what Beth was wearing, in the comfort of her own home, no less. And Told Jerry how the shirt he was wearing was not a good color for him to be wearing... I guess it is much easier to find faults in others and ingnor her own. She even said something about Beth's belly button piercing, Yet she's in her mid 50's and have 6 holes in one ear and three in the other.. Look who's talking. I avoid going around her, as much as possible. We had plans for the day, and they were there from 9 to almost 4 pm. We had to go get stuff for lunch. At least Kathy paid for part of that. Jerry is outside, working on Beth's brakes on the van. Why Josh wasn't out there with him, I don't know. He should have been since it was Jerry he was there to visit with. Kathy ended up laying down on Beth's bed (without asking if it was ok, first) and taking an hour's nap. Beth washed her sheets after Kathy left. I got a call from the deputy who took our report on the stolen camper, He needed more information. I'm trying to find a place in the house for better reception and Kathy is talking to me, while I have a phone in my ear.... excuse me. I have to take this call. She went outside and smoked a cigarette and talked to Jerry while I finished up the call. By the time they left, we tried to get the tires off the horse trailer and take them to town to have them replaced. The lug nuts are on so tight that it's going to take an impact wrench to get them off. So Jerry hooks up the trailer to the jeep and run to the place that has tires that Jerry called. They close at 6 and it's 5 when he calls them. Only the tire shop isn't opened on Sunday's.. Why oh why didn't she tell Jerry that when he called? The jeep overheated taking the trailer back to Beth's house. So we park the jeep and jump into the van to go get something to eat. We ended up having to go by Kathy's truck (she drives for a living) and dropping off some things she forgot at Beth's house, and found out there was still one more bag. She is parked at a truck stop in Liberty. about 20 miles from Beth's home. By the time we got back to Beth's we all fell into beds and went to sleep.

Monday morning. Breakfast is going to be eaten out. Lets jump into the Jeep and go... only it overheats within 5 miles of leaving Beth's. Back to Beth's. Don't know why it's over heating. Has to be cause the horse trailer was too much for it to handle. So, back the Beth's and we get into the van, And we head to Cameron for breakfast. Knowing that there is no place in Lawson open for breakfast on Labor Day, and doubtful there will be in Excelsior Springs as well. Cameron is by the interstate and sure to have someplace open. And we though there was an Auto Zone there.. No, it's an Advance Auto. Jerry has an Auto Zone card where some parts he bought had to be taken back and they gave him the card instead of cash. Back to Excelsior Springs to the Auto Zone for parts for the Jeep. (only because he had the card) Back to Beth's home where he works on the jeep, and then shows Beth how to change the water in the van and puts antifreeze in it for her. Now it's winter ready. Since it didn't overheat on the way back to Illinois I assume it was the thermostat that wasn't working, since that is what he replaced.

We finally left Beth's at 3 pm, but had to head to Kearny to give Kathy the one bag of stuff she left at Beth's place, Not that far out of our way, but far enough. and of course we can't just drop it off and leave, we have to stand around and talk for at least 45 minutes. So it was close to 4 pm before we were on our way back. We got here around 11:30. brought in our clothes, the dog kennel and the laptops, took showers and went to bed.

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